I have a dunlop (or woods) valve that I would like to inflate. I am trying to avoid needing to screw on a chuck, so I was looking at some options online to be able to do this, but most chucks that allow this capability are schrader chucks. So would a schrader chuck work with a dunlop valve?

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Many track pumps have universal heads. There are mainly two types of such heads:

  • two openings:
    • One for Dunlop (aka Woods, Blitz, English) and Presta (Sclaverand, French), that simply pushes a narrow rubber grommet over the valve.
    • One opening for Schrader (Auto, American) valve that also has a mechanism to depresses the valve core and has an internal valve. An internal mechanism closes the air supply to whichever hole is open (no pressure).

Topeak twin headBBB head

  • a single opening with a rubber grommet that is constricted on the valve stem of any valve by closing a lever at the back of the head. This lever also pushes down a rod in the head that opens the valve core of Schrader valves. For other valves this mechanism is pushed aside when the head is pushed onto the valve.

SKS EVA head

Such pump heads can be bought as spare parts without a track pump. Often they are compatible with hoses of other pump brands. For example, I replaced the head on my Park Tool pump with an universal 'EVA' head from SKS for 5 EUR.


No sadly, dunlop/woods is not compatible with schrader/AV.

However, it is completely compatible with presta valves in terms of thread and diameter. Your dunlop valve should work fine with a presta-capable pump, although there is a risk of interference from parts of the nozzle.

Your other option is to get a cheap Presta-to-Schrader adapter and use the schrader pump.


Schrader and Dunlop valve stems have the same diametre. That means that inner tubes with either valve fit equally well into rims. You might simply replace the inner tube with a valve you like better.

This does not apply to Presta valves. They are much narrower. You can identify Presta valves by having a little nut that has to be unscrewed to open the valve core.

I've done it the other way round. We had a children's bike with Schrader valves where I put in Dunlop (actually 'Blitz' valves) to make it easier to pump for children. Our track pump has a universal pump head. It is much easier to pump Dunlop and Presta than Schrader where the valve core has to be opened by the pump head.

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