I have the rim DT Swiss G 540, which inner width is 24mm.

I already bought the CONTINENTAL GRAND PRIX 5000 tires 28mm (saw this advice on reddit).

But now I checked the official table and see that they do not fit together very well... :(

Rim: enter image description here Acceptable tires: enter image description here

The tire width is only 2mm less! What do you think - can I use it or better not?

On my last trip the tire came off the rim - but not sure if the tire size is the reason or I just overinflated it by CO2 cartridge: enter image description here


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Its clearly not-recommended by the rim manufacturer.

On top of that, the tyre has come off for you proves that its a bad combination.

That it is only 2mm is immaterial - it came off and could have severe consequences.

There is no glue or strap or ziptie or bodge-fix that will allow you to use this tyre and rim combination safely.

Your options are to buy a wider tyre, or replace the rim with something narrower. A 32 or 34mm tyre would be cheaper than a new rim, presuming the rest of your frame provides clearance for a wider tyre.

If your front rim is the same inner width, the same advice applies. If your front rim is narrower, then it might work with this tyre.

  • Thank you for the great answer! Before I wasn't sure, but now it is clear!
    – Oleg
    Mar 1 at 9:21

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