I have a cheapish (okay - cheap) Shimano FH-M525-A MTB rear hub (QR, 10-speed). The freehub body has a fair bit of play so I want to replace it. There are any number of supposedly-identical replacements available on e.g. Amazon, etc., but I was thinking if there is a compatible one with more engagement points than the pretty-awful 16 I currently have, I might as well get that while at it. Something similar to a Deore -> XT upgrade for this part.

I see most Shimano MTB hubs now have either 32 or 36 EP's, which while not high-end would be a significant improvement on my 16. The freehub body I have is the Y3SP98110 (shown here as part of the hub). After much searching I've been unable to find any data to support confidently selecting a better alternative. It seems at this granularity of part (rather than e.g. the whole hub) there is not a lot of information going, especially on Shimano's site (as already noted here).

Does anyone know a part number for a compatible-but-better freehub body that I can search for?

  • Read this thread. mtbr.com/threads/… . Seems like a M756 will be step up in durability. Commented Jun 25, 2023 at 13:56
  • @WarrenBurton - thanks, that's a very helpful thread.
    – sellotape
    Commented Jun 25, 2023 at 15:24

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Just to close this off...

At the time I looked into it quite a bit, and as the AliExpress link posted by @elad-schitrit implies from the number of options, I found that Shimano has over time made a lot of very-similar freehub bodies (even, it seemed, within 10 speed splined), each with potentially slightly different dimensions. Eventually I concluded it wasn't worth pursuing further.

The linked answer in my original question mentions many of the same concerns.

At some point I'll just get a new wheel with a better hub...

So I ended up servicing the freehub body instead, which turned out really well. No additional POE though.

Here a video if you want to go that way. I also needed to buy this tool, which wasn't exactly easy to use but did the job.

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