I have Tektro Auriga HD-M290 hydraulic disc brakes and they have metal piston. One of the pistons sticks out more than the other and they don't come out much even though I squeeze the brake lever many times. What I have handy is a red colored grease oil. Can I use it to lubricate the pistons?

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Use whatever is inside the hydraulic line, in this case mineral oil.

Use a cotton bud soaked in oil to lubricate the sides of the piston.

Attempt to cycle the pistons while holding the good side in with a large flathead screwdriver or something that won’t scratch or damage the piston.

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    +1, but adding the tip that it's a good idea to extend the pistons a touch past the normal limit, then clean thoroughly, then apply the fluid. Jun 28, 2023 at 7:10

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