looking to replace my 90s Marin rigid fork (canti) for on with a caliper mount for disc brake.

The closest I found was this but it is hi-ten. Also I am not sure why they drilled a hole at the junction between the dropout and the fork, that concerns me a bit.

Other than that they would be surly type and I don't need the ugly screw on the site (also, it's expensive ...)

threaded or not does not matter, I can change the headset.

Any pointer?

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If you're using disk brakes, you don't necessarily need to limit yourself to forks that are specifically for 26" wheels. What you should pay attention to is the rake/offset and the axle to crown-race distance, both of which will ideally be very close to your current fork.

Specific product recommendations are out of scope for this site. That said…this Crust fork has a relatively short axle/crown measurement that might make it an OK fit.

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