Generally referred to as the Baby Paramount made with Reynolds 531 frame tubing and or Nervar dropouts and some of Campagnolo Gran Sport components and a Brooks saddle…

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According to https://bikehistory.org/bikes/superior/?expand_article=1 there either wasn't a specific 1980 model, or they don't have info on it.

There is info from the 1978 and 1981 catalogues.

1978 1981
Frame Schwinn hand built chrome- moly tubing, internally lugged construction. Tubular fork with eyelets and chrome tips. Reynolds 531 double butted, Tange front fork.
Wheels Aluminum alloy rims. Exclusive large flange Schwinn-Approved quick release hubs. 27" x 1 1/8" Schwinn Super Record high pressure tires. Super Champion (700 C) on Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs with quick release and Schwinn 250 gram Super 700 tires
Handlebar Alloy road racing. Cloth handlebar tape. Sakae
Stem Aluminum alloy with recessed bolt Sakae
CrankSet Cotterless aluminum alloy. 170 mm crankarms. Campagnolo Gran Sport, 170 mm arms. 42-52 chainwheels.
Derailleurs Schwinn-Approved GT-295 front. Sun Tour V-GT rear. Campagnolo Gran Sport F&R
Gears 40-54 front. 14-17-21-26-32 freewheel. Regina (14-24)
Brakes Schwinn-Approved aluminum alloy center pull. Campagnolo Gran Sport
Pedals Rattrap with toe clips and straps. Reflectorized. Campagnolo Gran Sport with toe clips and straps
Saddle Nylon base with vinyl cover Brooks BN5
Weight ~28 lbs 24.8 lbs

There's more info at the linked site.

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