I've been trying to find the model of my bike but I can't even find the year.

EPE 45% PU 55%
T 430
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    If you could add a clean and clear photo from the right hand side, using edit that would help a lot. Welcome to the site.
    – Criggie
    Sep 10, 2023 at 19:29

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None of that has any bearing on your bike frame - that's mostly in reference to your tyre/rim and components.

700x23c Your tyre was a "700C around" and 23 mm wide
175 Probably a reference to the crank's length in mm
EPE 45% PU 55% Both are kinds of foam, so this is likely the composition in your saddle's cushioning
T 430 this was hard - turns out there's a brand of rim called Wolber with a model of T-430 which was sold with some cannondale brand bikes in the mid 80's. More info on those at https://velobase.com/ViewComponent.aspx?ID=c9968930-98e6-4949-8f84-3163adb0a01b&Enum=101
700 Restatement of the 700c wheel size
23-622 This is the modern way of measuring your same tyre, its 622mm across the bead seat (called the Bead Seat Diameter) and has a nominal width of 23mm when installed.

I'm guessing your bike is a cannondale road bike, something like:
enter image description here

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