Does anyone know of any shops that rent high end bikes like Santa Cruz, Titus, etc. by the week or month? I've checked SpeedGoat, Competitive Cyclist and the rest of the usual suspects.

Ideally I'd like a carbon 29'r with 5" of rear travel.

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  • The OP didn't specify a region, or limit the question to his own area. This is likely not possible to find outside of a few cycling vacation spots.
    – zenbike
    Commented Apr 23, 2012 at 3:56

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In general terms, you will only find high end off road bike rentals in high traffic cycling vacation spots, like Whistler-Blackcomb resort, or Moab, Utah.

These places and similar destinations are the only places where a large number of riders who want or need high end off road bikes, and are willing to pay enough money to make it practical to rent those bikes, will come through regularly without their own bikes.

Otherwise, for local rentals, people either want more basic machines due to cost. Or the cost of the machine doesn't balance with the number of people willing to pay enough to justify purchasing it to begin with.

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