My frame specification for bottom bracket is BSA 68mm.

Would the following bottom bracket and crankset fit together?

  1. cane creek eeWings Mountain (link)

  2. Chris king threadfit 30 bottom bracket (link)

The crankset is 30mm spindle and should work with the bottom bracket, but I am not sure the bottom bracket matches because it says it is for 73mm bracket shell. Perhaps with spacers?

Thank you!

  • Are there any internal obstructions inside the frame's bottom bracket shell? Those could interfere with a 30 mm spindle. Also, make sure any screw used to hold a cable guide to the bottom of the shell won't protrude too far into the shell. Nov 25, 2023 at 14:53

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Yes, add a 2.5mm spacer on each side of the bottom bracket to convert a 68mm shell to 73mm. The spacers come with every Shimano mountain hollowtech bb and SRAM GXP bb for BSC thread so every bike shop should have a stack of them.



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