I have a mountain bike and recently the rear wheel has gone flat and every time i pump air into it up to 50 psi it deflates after a few minutes I also hear air coming out a certain part of the wheel but i'm not sure what to do since this is my first time that I have gotten a flat wheel

Edit: I took apart the wheel and found a tiny hole in the tube, should i replace the tube or patch it?


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Find what caused the hole and fix the issue. Remove the thorn or glass, etc.
Check this answer for how to find the flat cause.

Patching is cheaper but requires a little skill.
New tube is easier and more expensive.
Check this answer for how to fix a puncture.

Flats are part of owning a bike. Fixing a flat is a key skill.
There are right ways and wrong ways of putting a tube in a tire.
Sheldon Brown has a complete write up on tires, flats, and installation.

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