Unfortunately broke a Shimano sm-sp25 cable router for 90s Marin. It seems the spacing between the two cable is 25mm.

Online I only find sm-sp17 and sm-sp18.

Can I buy one of those? or any other?


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    I bought some new plastic ones on aliexpress for cheap - they were perfectly serviceable.
    – Criggie
    Jan 26 at 19:38

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Any will do, it doesn't have to be made by shimano. I suggest you liberate one from a scrap bike rather than buy new.


A search on eBay yielded a few SM-SP25 cable guides for sale. Typically found at vintage bike parts stores on eBay. They are a bit pricey it seems, perhaps owing to it's all-metal construction. The SM-SP18 has the same spacing and accommodates two cables.

Interestingly, you could just use a couple short lengths of derailleur housing under the BB shell. The tension of the inner cable keeps them in place.

  • I thought that sm25 meant 25mm between the two cable and 18 would have a different spacing. If they are the same then yes I would get a sm18. Otherwise I will try and get the original one on ebay. Thanks
    – tweedi
    Feb 2 at 7:44
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    I couldn't locate any measurements, but here are a couple versions of the SP18. The two holes in the M5 bolt on version allow you to have some lateral adjustment. I've used it differently on different bikes. In one case I chose to use the hole that made the guide sit farther to the right allowing more rear der cable clearance at the rear tire. Another time I recall setting the guide left so that the guide's lead up the seat tube lined up to where the inner cable contacted the front der.
    – Jeff
    Feb 3 at 23:34

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