I'm new to disc brakes and today I tried to fit a Magura MT Trail Series 2-piston brake to my Bike Friday Pocket Llama frame. However, although I'd be able to attach the caliper to the frame, it does not seem to fit perfectly.

Do I need an adapter or a different caliper, or can I just mount the brake on the frame even though it is not a perfect fit?

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

Do I need the Magura QM 12 adaptor to change from the IS mounting standard to the Postmount standard?


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It seems that spacers on both sides will do the job. I hope this is a good and stable approach and a correct way to mount the caliper.

enter image description here

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    Does your rotor align correctly with the pads?
    – Paul H
    Commented Jan 29 at 7:37
  • I'll have to check and report back.
    – Stücke
    Commented Jan 29 at 12:10
  • 1
    How did it go, were spacers a feasible fix?
    – DoNuT
    Commented Feb 27 at 17:08
  • Sorry for not getting back to you. Yes, it works well :)
    – Stücke
    Commented Feb 28 at 7:20
  • No worries, it just adds some value to such questions when there is closure, so you may also check this as self-answer. Did you just go by eye/feel or is there any information about the spacers and size? Just wondering how this ties in with mounting "standards" - I think most post-mount calipers usually screw in from one side?
    – DoNuT
    Commented Feb 28 at 7:34

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