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I want to know if anyone can identify this vintage bike frame. I really don't know much. It has a badge, but it just says [cycles limited].

Front view Back of headtube view

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Avon - see the following image search. enter image description here


Avon Cycles Limited started in 1948 making brakes and saddles.
Their current logo bears resembles the older version of the logo on the pictured bicycle.
enter image description here

Head badge
enter image description here

I could find nothing on their site that in any way resembled your bike.
I couldn't find any older bicycles, image search, vintage search etc., that resembled your bike.

The absence of a matching example does not prove the frame comes from a different maker but it does raise the question.

  • The shape and degree to which the head badge has been worn down makes me wonder whether it was intentional: Like the previous owner was (for example) named "Adam," found an Avon head badge, clipped a piece away, and attached it to the frame to be "their" bicycle. Mar 6 at 15:43

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