I'm 57 here's my deal, let's say a block long quick sprint. At the end of that sprint, can't catch my breath, tunnel vision, pass out, wake up on the sidewalk. Any clues?

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    that sounds like a heart problem. you should see a doctor Commented Feb 9 at 5:03
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    Or other things, some severe, some less so. But either way it's a medical issue that needs professional attention. Until then I will add one gentle suggestion - don't push yourself that hard. Apart from the medical aspects, there's a fine line between passing out ending up on the sidewalk, and passing out ending up in the road getting run over
    – Chris H
    Commented Feb 9 at 6:39
  • Dude... Wut?? DOCTOR Commented Feb 10 at 4:52

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The only advice that can be given here:

Don't look for internet advice, consult a doctor.


You need to consult a doctor, in person.

This question will be closed as "health advice is offtopic" because SE won't take the liability. Please don't take it personally, but do see a doctor.

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