I am looking for the name of Schwinn Le Tour variant above "Super" (mid 1980s).

I remember perusing Consumer Reports (and ended up getting a Super Le Tour) c. 1985. At that time, there were like three variants of the Le Tour (low, medium, high performance). I remember Super being the medium. Can't remember the name of the highest end Le Tour. Something like Master or Grand or Triumph.

Note: I did try a lot of Googling, before crowdsourcing to here.

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Here's an old catalog from 1980. The most expensive model listed seems to be" Voyageur".

You can also see some other catalogs here.

This page Show Le Tour Luxe.

  • I suspect the Voyageur is what I'm remembering (if that is a road bike). Not the Le Tour Luxe. Commented May 24 at 10:17
  • Also price makes sense with my recollection. Commented May 24 at 10:17

Possibly the LeTour Luxe

In 1985 the lineup starting with the LeTour went like this:
Super LeTour (sport)
LeTour Luxe (touring)
Voyageur SP
Super Sport

Here is the spec sheet for the LeTour Luxe
enter image description here
Source link

  • Thanks for the work. I think it's the other answer and wasn't a Le Tour variant. I know it wasn't a touring bike. Commented May 24 at 0:09

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