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When should I not use my front brake?

I have only been riding for a short time and I remember when I was a child there was a belief that if you used your front brakes going downhill that you would fly over your handlebars. However, my ...
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Why do the front and rear brakes work independently?

Why do bicycles have two individual brake levers that work independently to brake each wheel? I've always used my right brake lever because it is more comfortable to do so and I haven't noticed any ...
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How does the SureStop braking system work?

There's a new braking system put out by a company named SureStop that controls both front and rear cantilever (side-pull) brake systems with a single brake lever. They seem to be mainly appealing to ...
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Alternating brakes on descents: is it really useful?

I heard from many sources (some of them on this site, e.g. on answers to this question here) that you should be alternating the use of your front and rear brakes. Most people give as a reason that ...
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Why do we need front brakes?

Most biking accident stories (ignoring collisions) that I hear about involve squeezing the frontbrake too hard and flipping over, often when biking on a downhill. Read, for example, this fellow's ...
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Adding pedals & training wheels to this balance bike?

Is there any way to add pedals & training wheels to this balance bike?
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Modify a normal bike to suit my disability

I am disabled in my right arm (Brachial Plexus) I would like to improve my comfort on my bike.I would also to know about the braking system fitted on one side.
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Correct way to apply brakes [duplicate]

Just to illustrate that there are better and worse ways to apply brakes, here's an example of a less-than-ideal way: I was biking on a borrowed bike and getting used to the brakes. The front brake ...
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Converting from V-brakes to Disc Brake without existing mounting holes [duplicate]

I have an Electric Bike with rear brakes which are not as strong as front disc brake (countless amount of tweaks never solved it well without rubbing the wheel too much). So, I am looking at ...
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Is it illegal to cycle with one brake? [closed]

After refurbishing my mountain bicycle I have discovered I need a new cable for my rear brake. My front brake works perfectly fine and that is the only one I use. I will be getting the rear brake ...
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