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What needs to be considered when building a winter bike?

I have been thinking about making the ultimate winter bike. Here are some of the things that I have been thinking about. What else would you think about when building a good winter bike. I am ...
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Pros/Cons of Bar-Ends?

I've always heard "never use barends" and they're banned equipment for some of the local clubs/group rides. A number of people on-line swear by them though. What's up with that!? :-) Why would I ...
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Sizing guide for road bikes vs mountain bikes

i usually take a 21 inch size in mountain bike, but I want to buy a road bike. I'm 6'2'' and have a 34 inch inner leg. How do the sizes translate from mountain bike to road bike? Thanks
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Are these SIS Mountain/City Bike Derailleurs compatible with drop-bar shifting?

I'm considering the conversion of my flat-bar hybrid bike (GIANT Escape 3) in to a makeshift road bike, complete with drop bars. However, if the derailleurs have to go, it may not be cost-effective to ...
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Converting an SRAM Apex 2x10 to 1x10

I want to convert my bike to a 1x drivetrain (and move to a dropbar). It's a Commençal Le Route from 2013, full specs are here: mostly a 2x10 SRAM Apex Groupset (34/48 at the front, 11/32 at the rear)....
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Carrera Crossfire 2 Hybrid Bike to a road bike [duplicate]

I have a Carrera Crossfire 2 Hybrid Bike. I would like to convert this to a full road bike. Is it possible?, if so what changes will I need to make.
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Do you think I can put road bike handlebars to this bike? [duplicate]

Im new to bikes so I just want to ask a question. Is it possible to put a road bike handlebars on this bike. And if it is do I have to get a new stem also or just the handlebars?
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Convert urban/hybrid with hydraulic disk brakes from flat handlebars to drops [duplicate]

I have a urban style bike that I want to convert from flat bars to drops. Can anyone suggest brake levers that: will be compatible with the BR-M355 calipers that came with the bike will be ...
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What parts do I need to change to convert from flat handle bar to drop bar? [duplicate]

I am thinking about getting a drop bar for my Merida Speeder 200 (2015). But I am told that I need to change some other parts as well. My bike has V type brakes, 3 speed front derailleur and a 9 ...
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How do I install drop bars on my trek earl? [duplicate]

I'm new to doing bike stuff, but I want to install drop bars on my single speed 2012 Trek Earl, how would I go about doing so? What things would I need to take into account before getting started?
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Can you replace cyclocross (or road bike) handlebars with mountain bike handlebars? [duplicate]

My cyclocross handlebars are really irritating, please help.
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Converting my Giant Roam 3 into more of a road bike, while keeping its hybrid identity? [duplicate]

I am not rich so the budget is as low as possible. I use my bike for pleasure mostly as I am still a teenager. Of course I want speed, so I was wondering how well it would work if I changed the tires ...
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