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Can we use a 9 speed rear derailleur on a 8 speed bike?

I have a Rockrider 5.2 with a Shimano Altus 8 speed rear derailleur. After an accident it started to malfunction. I planned on replacing it with a Shimano Acera M3000 but then it is marketed as 9 ...
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Fixie Rear Wheel Slippage Problem

I have a fixie and I'm finding the rear wheel slips forward when riding (horizontal dropouts), causing the chain to loosen and thus a sub-optimal riding experience. It's not enough to be critical, ...
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How do you connect and disconnect a quick release chain link?

I can't find any nice video or pictures tutorial that explains how to connect and disconnect a quick release chain link. Am I not finding anything because it has another more common name? How do you ...
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Were titanium road bikes ridden in the Tour de France?

I know that steel and aluminium frames were ridden in the Tour. I wonder if there was a time when titanium frames were ridden in the Tour de France. was ridden. I haven't found anything about this on ...
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What different frame materials have been used?

In response to yet another frame materials question, I thought it might be useful to start with a more answerable question. One answer per material please, with an example of a bicycle frame using ...
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Why do we rarely see recumbents and almost never see velomobiles?

Recumbent bicycles are more efficient than ordinary upright bicycles, and velomobiles are even more efficient. Then why do we see them so rarely on the road? Is it because they are expensive, or are ...
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Do I really need to pamper myself with a stand?

I went through three phases. First I adjusted my child's (I was 9-13?) bike, always fantasizing about a hook-and-cable to the ceiling that I can attach to the metal loop behind the elongated (and ...
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Winter riding: Is it safe to ride on a BSO/cheap bike at temperatures below -15°C on icy or damp roads?

OK so I'm new to cycling and only own a road bike but I've been told that it's not suitable to ride in the winter in Canada. Winter here goes from -15°C to -35°C and there's plenty of ice and snow. ...
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iPhone 4 bike mount recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good bike mount for the iPhone 4? There seem to be a lot of reviews for the old models. Update: I'm mounting this on a Trek 1.5 Triple with Bontrager SSR VR bars. Update: I'...
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New, cheap mountain bike: What's most likely to break?

I have a very cheap (less than USD $100), new mountain bike I'm about to break in on a 2-4 hour ride on a mountain trail. I'd like to be prepared for equipment failures or problems - can anyone ...
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Can I use a gas station air pump on a bike tire?

Someone pointed out that it may be risky, and it might not have the right kind of nozzle, but I don't have a bike pump at the moment. Does anyone else ever do this?
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Different kinds of Handlebars

What different kinds of bike handle bars are there? All kinds welcome, the common and the nameless. If possible include the pros and cons of the bar One bar per post
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Where can I find Cannondale bike's serial number if the sticker is missing?

I was looking at a used aluminum frame Cannondale from 2017 but the serial number sticker is missing: Cannondale bikes will display the serial number on the underside of the frame. It’ll be next to a ...
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What is "crank preload"

I'm in the middle of swapping my BB30 cranks from stock FSA Gossamer to a (shorter length) SRAM BB30 "IA" S950. The S950 has a "crank preload" adjuster on the NDS which the spindle is also attached ...
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What is the actual cable pull of brake levers?

I understand that there are 2 brake lever cable pull standards: Standard Pull Levers Long Pull Levers (for V-brakes and disc brakes) But what is the actual difference in pull? And specifically: what ...

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