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Rationale behind dropper posts on "SUV" e-bikes

I noticed that the upper versions of some recent "SUV" e-bikes (also called touring/trekking, but that denomination is misleading) are now proposed with dropper posts - to give examples: ...
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Crankset repeatedly degrades even after bearings and brackets replaced 3 times - what's wrong?

I'm repeating words that the bike shop told me or from a google search. This bike seems to be defective since purchase. It's a Schwinn Men's GTX3 Hybrid with 700c wheels. Within a few weeks the pedals ...
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Type of brakes that will work with beach cruiser with no brake hole in wheel

My daughter has a 24" beach cruiser and doesn't like pedalling backwards to stop. She really wants hand brakes. There is a hole in the frame above the tire (where a rear light might be installed) ...
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Can I attach a Rear Derailleur to this bike?

I really want to put a six-speed free wheel on here and a rear derailleur but I don't know if this bike will accept a RD. Does anybody know if I would be able to add a hanger or if I can do a Direct ...
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Can you confirm that inner plates mate with thin teeth?

On one manufacturer's website, I see the following image of a 1x chainring. The chainring has alternating thin-thick teeth. Here the chain's outer plates sit on the narrow (thin) teeth. One another ...
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Changing front wheel for one with slightly wider rims on an E-bike?

I need to replace the front wheel on my E-bike (2016 Batavus Razer, original wheel is 622 x 15C Rodi in 6063 alloy, 36 spokes, 'V' shaped rim profile) I believe Rodi supplied Batavus with wheels for ...
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Bike measurements for a short stubby guy

I have short legs and a 27 inch/68.5cm inseam. I am 5'6"/1.68 m tall, and I am looking to get back into exercising. I was wondering what bike measurements for a road bike I would be looking for ...
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Crank is slipping freely occassionally when pedaling; occasional "clonk" sound

Crank is slipping freely occassionally when pedaling; occasional "clonk" sound-not sure where sound is coming from-crank is tight, no movement or looseness
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How to identify a bike part for replacement?

Is there any website or way to find which bike parts I need to buy? For example, following picture of chainring and there is no information on it to search on the internet. I tried image but no luck. ...
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Did my frame just break?

Bike: Raymon HardRay E-Nine 6.0 I just finished adjusting the gear shifting for my first time. As I went for a test drive the chain immediately slipped down. Then I saw this. First I thought the ...
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Most Crucial Gear/ Accessories for a (Road) Cycling Beginner?

Some background information on myself before I get to the question: I've decided to get in to cycling both as a hobby and because I need the activity. (Though I'm honestly driven more by the former - ...
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What else do I need to change if I upgrade my Sora groupset?

I have a Specialized Allez 2019 or 2020 with Sora groupset, but the crankset is Praxis 50/32, and the brakes are Axis. I changed the rear derailleur to a RD 5700 and I'm looking forward to upgrading ...
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How to use drop handlebars properly?

This might seem like a really basic question, but there's no harm in asking. I've never had a bicycle with drop handlebars. I've always had sort of standard horizontal bars with only one hand position,...
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Strange handle on the left side of Winora Youkatan 12 pro

There is a strange handle (lever) on the left side of my new E-bike (Winora Youkatan 12 pro). It looks similar to the brake or gear shifter, and it is connected to the cable that goes somewhere (...
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Does a z-shaped cone wrench exist?

This is a massive cone, and I was under the mistaken belief that if it remains perfectly smooth, I can either overhaul it yearly, or grind it with a Dremel and repack the grease every two years, and ...

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