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Explaining the effects of frame geometries

I asked about buying a bike here, and someone asked on my behalf about test-riding a bike before buying. My question is, what should I know, or should have known, about the sizing or 'geometry' of a ...
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Why are most BSOs mountain bikes?

All department store bikes, that I have witnessed, are mountain bikes. Many of them are even full suspension and some feature dual-crown forks. Why the lack of BSO (Bicycle Shaped Object) road bikes?
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How important is the MIPS safety system for a bicycle helmet? [duplicate]

I'm shopping for a bicycle helmet. The ones without this "MIPS" feature can cost 549 SEK: But then there is an identical-looking one with "...
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What is the origin of BSO - and is it internationally recognized?

Who is the first person who came up with the appellation, "Bicycle Shaped Object" (BSO) referring to very inexpensive and very poorly built bicycles sold through mass-market department stores? Bonus ...
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Most Crucial Gear/ Accessories for a (Road) Cycling Beginner?

Some background information on myself before I get to the question: I've decided to get in to cycling both as a hobby and because I need the activity. (Though I'm honestly driven more by the former - ...
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Why does my bike make a noise when I pedal hard?

When I pedal forcing a little with my right leg, the bike makes a noise that I don't know how to describe. I'll try to do it. It's like: a short "ting" a tiny bell if a small rock hits the down tube ...
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Converting bike from rim brakes to disc brakes

I just bought a used 2009 Kona Dew and it comes with regular rim brakes. I'm perfectly happy with them so far, but have been wondering if disc brakes would come handy when it rains. What is involved ...
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Fixie Rear Wheel Slippage Problem

I have a fixie and I'm finding the rear wheel slips forward when riding (horizontal dropouts), causing the chain to loosen and thus a sub-optimal riding experience. It's not enough to be critical, ...
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What's the rubber tube in my puncture repair kit for?

I've got an old school puncture repair kit, the type with glue and patches. As well as the sandpaper, patches, 'vulcanizing fluid' and instructions, there is a 2.5cm long, 3mm wide, beige rubber tube....
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Optimal Maintenance Schedule

It is forecast to rain this weekend so I was thinking I would drop a tarp down over my living room floor and give my bikes a bit of a tune up. Question What maintenance needs to be done on your ...
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What are the benefits of external bottom brackets?

Pretty soon, I plan to replace the bottom bracket on my early 90's Sakae Litage road bike. It takes a standard, English-threaded bottom bracket. Right now I think it contains loose bearings--I was ...
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A test ride for a new bicycle

Update... What should I actually do on the test drive? The LBS has been kind enough to allow me to try out a brand new bicycle. What things should I consider when test riding bikes that I am ...
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What is a power meter and why do I need one?

So I've been looking to become a triathlete soon and I'm hearing all this talk about power meters. Now, upon googling I found vague information which is why I came here. Exhibit A. That article gives ...
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How should I deal with bike messengers + others (salmon) riding the wrong way in a bike lane?

Frustrated cyclist "jegrgic" poses this question at the New York Cycling Club (NYCC) website. They say: When I see this, I want to just go over to the person and try to give them some common sense....
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When should I use an energy gel?

I recently procured some energy gel tubes (as a prize for being able to pick up a coin from the ground while on my bike), and I'm not sure what to do with them. I mean, they're for eating, of course, ...
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