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Chain slipping on newish bike

I've looked at most of the answers for related questions and they all speak about replacing parts that are old. I just bought a new bike from a friend who rode the bike for about a month before ...
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How do I fix a puncture?

I got a flat/puncture on my bike tube, how can I fix it myself without going to the nearest bike shop? What kind of equipment would I need?
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Is it safe to remove "lawyer tabs" on a carbon fork?

Is it safe to file off the "lawyer lips" - the little tabs on the end of the fork dropouts - on my carbon road fork? What about cyclocross forks? I've heard it's "common sense" to remove them...
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Spokes keep breaking - bad hub or bad build?

Background information A bit of background information (I'll try keep it brief): Last year I bought an old but unused bike, 5 speeds with internal gearing. Apparently the shop bought a lot of bikes ...
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Rationale behind dropper posts on "SUV" e-bikes

I noticed that the upper versions of some recent "SUV" e-bikes (also called touring/trekking, but that denomination is misleading) are now proposed with dropper posts - to give examples: ...
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Replace Brompton folding pedal - what tool is needed?

I've managed to completely break the folding left-hand pedal on my Brompton. The bit where it fastens onto the crank* is fine, but the rest of it gone. What tool(s) do I need to remove the broken ...
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Why the heck are cleated shoes called clipless?

Clipless shoes are the ones with cleats and clips on the pedal that the cleat clips into. So why in the world are the called clipless?
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Oiling bike frame to keep it cleaner?

A friend recommended that I take an oily cloth (with regular motor oil or such) and wipe down the entire surface of my mountain bike frame. He claims that it's easier to hose off after, and it ...
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How can one prevent a tube from sticking to the inside of a tire?

I was cleaning my cruiser today, and as part of that I removed the tires from the rims to give them a good scrubbing. As sometimes happens, the tubes were stuck to the insides of the tires. (This also ...
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Are MIPS helmets actually any safer than standard helmets? Independent Research?

A friend just told me about a relatively new bike helmet technology that reduces torsion (rotational) stress in a bike accident. My wife is a speech therapist (and I write speech therapy software) so ...
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What does 'tire clearance' mean?

What does 'tire clearance' mean? Can you please explain with an illustration? Does it mean the distance between the tire and the fender?
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Should the laws be amended to allow cyclists to run red lights?

Ignoring the question of whether or not cyclists should or should not break the law by running red lights, should the law be changed such that cyclists are somehow exempt from stopping and waiting? ...
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How can I make a weather-proof bike?

Suppose want to park my bike outdoors all the time. Conventional wisdom is that you should park a bike under cover, but suppose that's not an option. What should you do? Maybe sealed cartridge ...
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Pedal foot position - balls or arches

I notice that when I pedal that I mostly seat the pedal in the arches of my foot naturally. I also notice that the cycling shoes tend to seat the cleats in the balls of the foot area, as do other ...
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Is it safe to ride on a cracked rim?

Doing my monthly inspection & clean of my wheels last night and I was shocked to see a crack around one the spokes as they enter rim. It is a rear wheel (Shimano R600 I think). I had obviously ...
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