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What happened to pumps?

I'm an old-time bike rider who commuted to grad school every day for 3 years on a bicycle. Then after a 20+-year-long hiatus, started riding again with my son. I cannot figure out the fitting on the ...
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Metal vs. plastic tire levers

What are the advantages of buying plastic over metal tire levers? (or vice versa). Which ones are easier to use?
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I'm an absolute beginner in bike touring, about to buy a bike. Is it worth it to hire a bike fitting service before the purchase?

I'm an absolute beginner in bike touring, about to buy a bike. Currently I'm using local shared bikes and I always wanted to start my adventures on a bike, camping and so on. Given this, is it worth ...
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Did my frame just break?

Bike: Raymon HardRay E-Nine 6.0 I just finished adjusting the gear shifting for my first time. As I went for a test drive the chain immediately slipped down. Then I saw this. First I thought the ...
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Shoe covers (or other tricks) for commuting in shorts

I commute to work by bike, very often in casual shorts and waterproof North Face sneakers. Provided I don't want to change my clothes (in particular I don't want to get SPD etc.), is there a good way ...
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Internal gear hub maintenance

I have a Muji utility bicycle with a 3-speed internal gear hub which I got second hand around 5 years ago. The LBS which I bought the bike from has since closed down and I haven't managed to find ...
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Were titanium road bikes ridden in the Tour de France?

I know that steel and aluminium frames were ridden in the Tour. I wonder if there was a time when titanium frames were ridden in the Tour de France. was ridden. I haven't found anything about this on ...
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Practical cleaning routine for a commuter bike

I regularly (almost daily) ride my bike, often in bad weather. I mostly ride on roads, but sometimes through parks, forest etc. on unpaved surfaces. My bike is usually rather dirty, at least the lower ...
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Bottom bracket maintenance - is it a thing?

Previously when I've had annoying noises from my bottom bracket I've simply discarded it and bought a (cheap) new one. But the last time I replaced it I got a great offer and splashed out a little ...
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Rear Tyre torn at rim - what was the cause?

I had a blowout the other day. On investigation, it was a C-shaped cut in the tube. It patched okay and on reinstalling I found this culprit : The tyre is not new but its not old either - plenty of ...
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What causes chain suck?

Specifically when changing gears from middle chain ring to smallest, the chain will sometimes get 'sucked' up between the inner chainring and chain stay. It seems to happen more often in muddy ...
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What kinds of kickstands are good for touring?

I am using a sturdy 2nd-hand-bought diamond-framed Crescent Sport bike which I like to use for random touring. I have seen a cyclocrosser using the kickstand to spin the pedals while cleaning and ...
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Benefits of toe grips/toe straps

I'm considering getting some toe grips or straps for my bike. What are the benefits of these over normal pedals?
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What is "crank preload"

I'm in the middle of swapping my BB30 cranks from stock FSA Gossamer to a (shorter length) SRAM BB30 "IA" S950. The S950 has a "crank preload" adjuster on the NDS which the spindle is also attached ...'s user avatar
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What are compact cranks?

In overheard in a post ride discussion this morning about wanting a set of compact cranks. My search on has only found this question with them in the title, but the answers don't mention ...
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