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What is a fixie? [duplicate]

Is it a bicycle with no gear? Is it a bicycle with no free wheel? My bicycle has no gear. I removed that. However, I can rest my food and the bicycle and move forward. Do I own a fixie? If not what?
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What is the difference between a threaded bottom bracket and one with press-fit bearings? [duplicate]

What is the purpose of a threaded bottom bracket like the kinds sold by Shimano etc.? How does this differ from a design in which bearings, spacers and seals are directly press-fit into a bike frame? ...
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Label the bike parts [duplicate]

I guess this is probably the most stupid question asked on this community but I want to know about all the parts of a bike. I am a non-native English speaker and am finding it difficult to understand ...
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Why ride a fixed-gear bike?

I must confess, I don't know much about bikes. Until fairly recently, a bike was just that thing that I rode to work each day. I've been slowly learning more about bikes but I still have some newbie ...
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What's your most useful cycle accessory?

What is the most useful accessory you got for your bike? By useful, I mean something that improved the enjoyment or functionality of using your bike. Note - I know this is a subjective question, but ...
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What are the reasons for and against wearing a bicycle helmet?

This is a tricky question to ask correctly. One attempt has already been closed as subjective and argumentative. There is no one correct answer, for sure. However, there are interesting reasons that I ...
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Why do we rarely see recumbents and almost never see velomobiles?

Recumbent bicycles are more efficient than ordinary upright bicycles, and velomobiles are even more efficient. Then why do we see them so rarely on the road? Is it because they are expensive, or are ...
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I wish to get fit, therefore should I have a heavy bike?

A lot of people seem take up cycling to get fit, and they'll talk about how light their bikes are. However, as I understand it, a heavy bike uses more energy to pedal it. Should someone that wished ...
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Different kinds of Handlebars

What different kinds of bike handle bars are there? All kinds welcome, the common and the nameless. If possible include the pros and cons of the bar One bar per post
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How to use drop handlebars properly?

This might seem like a really basic question, but there's no harm in asking. I've never had a bicycle with drop handlebars. I've always had sort of standard horizontal bars with only one hand position,...
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What's the efficiency of hub gears compared to derailleurs?

What's the efficiency of hub gears compared to derailleurs? I know that hub gears are not as efficient. Apart from being heavier, how much will I lose in performance if I use hub gears?
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Why are both Schrader and Presta valves still used on tubes?

It is standard for road bikes to adopt Presta, whereas nearly all else use Schrader. I personally think Schrader are better: I've had fewer Schrader valves break on me than Presta No problems if ...
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How much does bike price correspond with maintenance needs?

In this question (with this answer) I asked about a commuter bike, which is to be ridden 40 km every weekday, in the city. And apparently for this scenario I can choose either of two possible kinds of ...
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Theft deterrents (in addition to locking up a bike)

Besides locking a bike up properly, are there other deterrents against theft (such as engraving) that make a bicycle less attractive to a potential bike thief? UPDATE It was stolen. :-(
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What different frame materials have been used?

In response to yet another frame materials question, I thought it might be useful to start with a more answerable question. One answer per material please, with an example of a bicycle frame using ...
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How long is the life cycle of a bicycle?

This may not be a particularly practical question, but I wonder how often do you find yourself looking for a new (or another) bike? There are, of course, two main aspects of it: Mechanical decay. If ...
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What is the maximum tire or minimum tire width I can fit on my bicycle

We often get questions on bicycles.stackexchange about fitting wider tires or narrower tires (for search - bigger tires, smaller tires) to bicycles. We have a large number of these with answers ...
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How do I make a mountain bike go faster (commuting)

I just began biking around 4 months ago, and due to lack of experience I bought a Diadora Orbita Mountain Bike. I've staring commuting to work recently (about 14 km daily) but I'm not exactly happy ...
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Can I use a gas station air pump on a bike tire?

Someone pointed out that it may be risky, and it might not have the right kind of nozzle, but I don't have a bike pump at the moment. Does anyone else ever do this?
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Which states or countries have stop-sign-as-yield laws for bicyclists (Idaho stop law)?

In Idaho (PDF), bicyclists are allowed to treat stop signs as yields, and red lights as stop signs (essentially; see the actual law for details). This seems like a very reasonable approach, balancing ...
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How close do I have to be for effective drafting (while commuting)?

I commute and want to draft another bike, but still have room to stop when someone opens a car door in front of the rider in front of me. At what distance does drafting significantly reduce drag? Are ...
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How can I carry a tripod on my bike?

I have a tripod for my SLR camera that I want to carry on my bike. It's just a generic tripod like this one, but if I strap it to my top tube it rubs against my legs while riding (and it's slightly ...
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Winter riding: Is it safe to ride on a BSO/cheap bike at temperatures below -15°C on icy or damp roads?

OK so I'm new to cycling and only own a road bike but I've been told that it's not suitable to ride in the winter in Canada. Winter here goes from -15°C to -35°C and there's plenty of ice and snow. ...
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Do I really need to pamper myself with a stand?

I went through three phases. First I adjusted my child's (I was 9-13?) bike, always fantasizing about a hook-and-cable to the ceiling that I can attach to the metal loop behind the elongated (and ...
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What bike+equipment for a long daily urban commute?

In the (distant) past I commuted 6 km (more than half an hour) each way, on a cheap bike with big knobbly tyres. Soon I'll have a new commute: 18 km each way, daily. That's much further than I've ...
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What is a thru axle?

I have seen thru axles mentioned in various places but never explained or even described. I found a post on another site where someone asked the same question and got lots of debate in response, but ...
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How do bicycle power meters work?

What exactly are they measuring? How do they measure it? What are the implications of the different approaches on accuracy / speed of getting a good measure? It would be helpful if someone could ...
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Why am I breaking a ridiculous number of spokes?

First, this is a follow up to this: Why does my back wheel keep becoming untrue? (The short version is I bought a used bike a few weeks ago, I broke a spoke on the back wheel, replaced the spoke, ...
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iPhone 4 bike mount recommendations

Can anyone recommend a good bike mount for the iPhone 4? There seem to be a lot of reviews for the old models. Update: I'm mounting this on a Trek 1.5 Triple with Bontrager SSR VR bars. Update: I'...
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Explaining the effects of frame geometries

I asked about buying a bike here, and someone asked on my behalf about test-riding a bike before buying. My question is, what should I know, or should have known, about the sizing or 'geometry' of a ...
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