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Options for renewing drivetrain / upsizing crankset

I currently have a Shimano drive-train and am approaching replacement for the chain and cassette. All parts are Deore XT M780 Series except my cassette which is a HG500-10 11-25 I usually run a ...
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Were titanium road bikes ridden in the Tour de France?

I know that steel and aluminium frames were ridden in the Tour. I wonder if there was a time when titanium frames were ridden in the Tour de France. was ridden. I haven't found anything about this on ...
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How to mark seatpost position?

Is there an effective, non-destructive way to mark the seatpost position? We share some bikes within the household, meaning that the saddle height is adjusted often. When I had an affordable Decathlon ...
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Tight shifting and handlebar weird stiffness

I got my hybrid bike serviced 2 days back. Before the service, the handlebar used to turn freely, and the shifter was not stiff. I had given it because the day before something went wrong with the ...
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I can't fix my tire

Alright so I got a flat tire. Got a new tube because the old one is punctured. Got the tube inside the tire but now the tire looks like it doesn't quite fit the tube. Even the old tube it doesn't ...
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What's the name of the piece that holds the fender on (pic attached)

What's the name of this part that holds the fender on? (the back piece between that the rod from the fender is going through) I've lost one but for the life of me can't seem to find what to search ...
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Campagnolo 2x11 Record with GRX derailleurs

I really don't like the Shimano 105 levers on my bike. I would like to switch them in favour of Campagnolo 2x11 Record, and would like to know if anyone tried to fit them with GRX system: Front ...
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Rationale behind dropper posts on "SUV" e-bikes

I noticed that the upper versions of some recent "SUV" e-bikes (also called touring/trekking, but that denomination is misleading) are now proposed with dropper posts - to give examples: ...
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Crankset repeatedly degrades even after bearings and brackets replaced 3 times - what's wrong?

I'm repeating words that the bike shop told me or from a google search. This bike seems to be defective since purchase. It's a Schwinn Men's GTX3 Hybrid with 700c wheels. Within a few weeks the pedals ...
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Type of brakes that will work with beach cruiser with no brake hole in wheel

My daughter has a 24" beach cruiser and doesn't like pedalling backwards to stop. She really wants hand brakes. There is a hole in the frame above the tire (where a rear light might be installed) ...
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Can I attach a Rear Derailleur to this bike?

I really want to put a six-speed free wheel on here and a rear derailleur but I don't know if this bike will accept a RD. Does anybody know if I would be able to add a hanger or if I can do a Direct ...
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Can you confirm that inner plates mate with thin teeth?

On one manufacturer's website, I see the following image of a 1x chainring. The chainring has alternating thin-thick teeth. Here the chain's outer plates sit on the narrow (thin) teeth. One another ...
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Tube terminology for tandems

The names of the tubes are well established for standard single-rider diamond frames, but seemingly less so for tandems. For tandems, there's a bit more variety in frame design, but the one I've just ...
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Changing front wheel for one with slightly wider rims on an E-bike?

I need to replace the front wheel on my E-bike (2016 Batavus Razer, original wheel is 622 x 15C Rodi in 6063 alloy, 36 spokes, 'V' shaped rim profile) I believe Rodi supplied Batavus with wheels for ...
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Bike measurements for a short stubby guy

I have short legs and a 27 inch/68.5cm inseam. I am 5'6"/1.68 m tall, and I am looking to get back into exercising. I was wondering what bike measurements for a road bike I would be looking for ...
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