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I'm lost with all the names of bike parts flying around!

Ok so I've been riding bike since I was as young as I can remember. Now I'm 18 and I've been given a fixie. But I know nothing about bikes I've always just ridden them and brought them to a shop when ...
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I purchased a mountain bike back in the 1990's at a yard sale

No markings. 2" crossbar & 2" downtube. Rims are stamped "Peninsula Italy". Looks like a 21 speed. 26" bicycle. Been stored for awhile ... dusting off for exercise (jogging is out). Wondering ...
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Converting single speed bike to geared

First I want to clear out what what I possess: An Avon rowdy single soccer BICYCLE An Avon rowdy DX double disk 21 geared cycle I want to take out the gears from the DX to my single version. I can ...
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What model of BMX frame do I have?

I need help identifying a BMX bike frame. Some background information: I bought the bike for my son about 20 years ago at an auction. At one time I was told that it was "valuable". The only markings ...
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What's the name of the piece that holds the fender on (pic attached)

What's the name of this part that holds the fender on? (the back piece between that the rod from the fender is going through) I've lost one but for the life of me can't seem to find what to search ...
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How can I adapt a mountain bike for a one or two week tour?

This is the situation. I have GT Agressor 1.0 mountain bike. I want to travel for about a week on my bike, which means that I will have to ride a lot on paved roads (around 70% of the road). So I ...
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What's the definition of a Mixte?

What makes a mixte frame? Further, what's the etymology of 'mixte'?
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What is the purpose of chamois cream?

I've seen it advertised but never used it, what's it for? Is it effective ?
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How can I keep my chain from derailing from the front sprocket under load?

I've watched the chain derail from the front sprocket, and there is considerable flex that is causing it. I'm a big guy with an athletic build (6'7"/280lbs), and it's a big-box bike, so I'm not ...
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Why will some chainrings fit 7s-12s while others are meant for just 10s?

When looking for a chainring, I see that Shimano specifies whether it is for 2x or 3x. I'm guessing that the pins (protruding rivets) on the former will be on one side only, and on both sides on the ...
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Brake levers for riding in upright position

I'm trying to find out the correct name for the brake levers that are on a bike so that you can ride in a nearly upright position? I had an old Schwinn 10 speed that not only had the regular brake ...
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Definition of a bunny hop

In this answer, Mσᶎ mentioned a bunny hop. I agreed, and wrote about How to Bunny Hop. But it soon became clear that different people have slightly different definitions of a bunny hop. For example, ...
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What are these washers that came with my front wheel quick release?

I just bought my first bike in probably a decade (Schwinn Discover hybrid bike). There is a quick release for the front wheel. The skewer had a nut, lever, 2 springs, and these 2 washers on it. The ...
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Strange handle on the left side of Winora Youkatan 12 pro

There is a strange handle (lever) on the left side of my new E-bike (Winora Youkatan 12 pro). It looks similar to the brake or gear shifter, and it is connected to the cable that goes somewhere (...
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Brake and chain problems after a muddy ride (ed. note: suspected chainsuck)

Recently I went for a ride, and it was a very muddy one. I blatantly misjudged the depth of a puddle and submerged half of my bike (and myself) in muddy water, including the chain and front/rear disk ...
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