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Dismounting wheel in a fixie

I have a fixed gear bike, Rocky Mountain Boroughs Fixie (see picture). The chain is very tight compared to any free wheel bike. So anytime the tire gets punctured (unfortunately very often) and I want ...
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Chain seems to slip under pressure?

While I was riding I went to stand and it felt like the chain busted or came off! I jumped off and turned the pedals by hand and they turned fine but any pressure at all and it slips... any ideas ? I ...
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New mountain bike feels sticky or grinding when pedaling

While pedaling my relatively new mountain bike Hyper Bicycles 26" E-ride Electric Mountain Bike bought from, I feel a bit sticky or grinding feeling for a short part on each crank ...
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Bike for College?

I'm 6'0, 275lbs going into my freshman year of college in a couple of weeks. I haven't ridden a bike since--probably--the third grade. I don't know: what's good on the market, whether to buy new or ...
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How to figure out the BCD my chainring has

I have a 2017 Diamondback Line. My chain has come off a few times and this post says get this chainring. I wanted to confirm my bike requires a 104 mm bolt pattern but don't know how to do that; the ...
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How to keep a component "pressed" so the chain remains hooked?

I am really at a loss of words to describe my problem, so apologies in advance for the poor choice of words in the title. Basically I have this component at the rear wheel (which I think is called ...
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Restoration and upgrading old bike

I have an old Huffy from my uncle that he bought at around the 90s and I'm thinking of restoring it and maybe upgrade some of the parts. But Huffy doesn't seem to have any much information for bikes ...
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Noise when pedalling

What is causing this noise? Is it normal?
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How to tell what BMX frame I have?

How can I determine what kind of BMX frame I have if I there no decals on the bike when I got it? I got it from my dad who found the frame and we put it together, but I am clueless as to what brand or ...
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Tube terminology for tandems

The names of the tubes are well established for standard single-rider diamond frames, but seemingly less so for tandems. For tandems, there's a bit more variety in frame design, but the one I've just ...
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How to identify a bike part for replacement?

Is there any website or way to find which bike parts I need to buy? For example, following picture of chainring and there is no information on it to search on the internet. I tried image but no luck. ...
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How are these rack and mudguard holders named?

How are these parts holding the rack and the mudguards named in English? There are some pictures on the web featuring "parts of the bicycle" but they are not depicted there with names. This ...
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Label the bike parts [duplicate]

I guess this is probably the most stupid question asked on this community but I want to know about all the parts of a bike. I am a non-native English speaker and am finding it difficult to understand ...
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Type of brakes that will work with beach cruiser with no brake hole in wheel

My daughter has a 24" beach cruiser and doesn't like pedalling backwards to stop. She really wants hand brakes. There is a hole in the frame above the tire (where a rear light might be installed) ...
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Are these bikes real from Aliexpress? [duplicate]

I wanted to buy a bike and started checking for one online. I went through some nice ones on but the price is very suspicious to me. It's not just the price but also the free shipping ...
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