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What are the disadvantages of "puncture proof" (or puncture resistant) tires?

Some people refer to tires that are more resistant to punctures as "puncture proof" tires. For example: Specialized All Condition Armadillo Tyre Even though these tires are not really puncture proof, ...
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Whatever happened to solid bike tubes?

As a child I had solid rubber inner tubes in my bike. They were a pain to get on but after I never had a flat again! Now I've recently started biking again and have had two flats in two days, each ...
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What is a good way to keep my tires from going flat easily?

Title says it all, how do I keep my bicycle tires from going flat easily? I live in an area with a lot of sharp stuff (think glass shards, nails, cactus, etc)...
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Equipping a commuter bike for a 5 mile city commute

My commute is a bit over 5 miles each way through the city. It's not that long a commute; in traffic, it takes about 35 minutes door to door, and I'm never far from public transit that I could use in ...
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Which puncture-resistant tires?

I commute on city streets and have had two punctures in 5 months: first a roofing nail, second a small shard of glass. Punctures are a nuisance. I've read some people recommend Schwalbe "Marathon" ...
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Do Kevlar Belts really offer puncture protection?

My local bicycle shop is offering "premium kevlar belt tyres" and are "extremely puncture proof" how much of this is true? Does this "kevlar belt" offer good puncture protection? What does this ...
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Anti-puncture options

I ride my bike to work. But every time I get a flat tire, my schedule is messed up because bike shops are not easily available on my town. Is there any other option besides puncture-proof tires?
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How do I stop punctures for good?

Last night I came out of work to a flat tire. This is the second time I've got a puncture with less than 100km done on a brand new set of schwalbe smart sam tires. needless to say I was quite annoyed. ...
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Are tubeless tires the solution to frequent flat tires?

I have owned a Trek FX3 for about 6 weeks and I have suffered 3 flats in the last 4 weeks (front and back tires). All my cycling is on road (almost exclusively in the cycle lane). The shop I bought ...
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Tubeless with liquid or inner tubes with liquid?

I am about to replace the worn tires of my Cube Acid 29". My question is what to choose among: tubeless tires with sealant liquid, or normal tires, with inner tubes with sealant liquid? My most ...
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What tools should I carry around to replace the tube on a bike with bolt-on wheels while on the road?

I'm considering getting a fixed-gear bike for commuting, and I'm unclear on how one can quickly replace a punctured tube on a bike with bolt-on wheels. So far, all the bikes I've had (at least, since ...
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