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How do I know I should replace the chain? [duplicate]

I have been riding a folding bike in the past. I have never replaced its chain. Recently, I have bought a second handed road bike for $500. I am afraid of the chain breaking suddenly. How do I know ...
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Mysterious case: chain falling off large chainring, how to fix?

On my commuter bike I decided to rid myself of the small inner chain ring (which is almost never used) and front dérailleur (now redundant). However, I have come across an unusual problem. Whilst ...
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Chain slipping on newish bike

I've looked at most of the answers for related questions and they all speak about replacing parts that are old. I just bought a new bike from a friend who rode the bike for about a month before ...
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Is it worth buying a second hand classic road bike for commuting?

I am looking for a substitute for my commuting bike. It is a cheap second hand general store bike. It do the job but just don't worth keep maintaining. But at same time I have to keep my bike outside ...
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How to avoid wearing out gears?

I have a Specialized Tricross which I bought new last year. In that time (approximately 1K miles), I wore out my chain and gears. At least two of my gears are still slipping, even with a new chain. ...
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How do I get rid of this clicking sound in the back wheel?

Difficult to diagnose, I know. Basically, I bought a single speed Schwinn a few months ago, and after riding it for a couple of weeks it started clicking in the back wheel somewhere. I've taken it ...
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Should a chain be replaced even if it's not stretched?

This question suggests using a tool or ruler to assess chain stretch to determine when to replace a chain. I have one such tool (Park Tool CC-3), and it tells me that my chain is not stretched even to ...
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Chain drop under load

I have a problem. Today I was riding (flat-out) up hill, and went to shift up a gear on the rear, which caused the chain to drop off the front chain-ring (was in the big-ring, so dropped to the ...
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Chain skipping on MTB

I've had my Trek 3900 for about a year now, and I replaced the chain about 3 months ago, but otherwise it's running with the same parts it came with (not counting tubes and tires). I had to replace ...
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Adjusting rear derailleur

I have a 18 speed mountain bike. (Huffy) I recently had my rear derailleur replaced along with new shifters. Shifting in the lower gears is smooth and there is no noise when pedaling. However, when ...
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