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Terminology index - a list of bike part names and cycling concepts

This question and its answers list the names of bike parts and cycling concepts. Some Rules Make sure you only put one term per answer! Try to include an image if applicable Include sources that ...
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How much of a difference will I notice going from a Mountain bike to a road bike?

I have a Mountain bike with 1.95 tyres on it. Most of the cycle path I take into work is fairly well paved/asphalted, I'm not going over any dirt tracks or anything like that although there is the odd ...
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What bike+equipment for a long daily urban commute?

In the (distant) past I commuted 6 km (more than half an hour) each way, on a cheap bike with big knobbly tyres. Soon I'll have a new commute: 18 km each way, daily. That's much further than I've ...
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Protecting quick-release seats and wheels from theft

I have to say I am not a fan of quick-release, especially for seats. I do not need to raise and lower my seat nearly enough (almost never) to justify the annoyance of having to take my seat with me or ...
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Explaining the effects of frame geometries

I asked about buying a bike here, and someone asked on my behalf about test-riding a bike before buying. My question is, what should I know, or should have known, about the sizing or 'geometry' of a ...
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How do I test ride a bike that I'm looking at buying?

There are questions telling me what to look for in a new bike or a second hand one, and things to look for during my test ride, but nothing about what I should actually do during my test ride. That ...
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At what height should I have my seat on a road bike?

I am currently riding a loaner from my brother in-law, and I have set the seat height based upon feel. I was wondering though as to how I can set it to the right height for me to ride more ...
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Picking a bike for a cyclist new to riding on the road?

I've gone a few years without riding at all, and I'm getting back into cycling to improve my fitness. I've typically ridden light mountain bike trails in the past. I want buy a new/second-hand road ...
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How much rest (tendon or ligament), for a novice?

Given that 'training' is a valid topic, can you say how much rest a novice needs? My ambition is to commute 18 km each way, every week day: in Toronto (mostly flat, some hills, mostly bike lanes and ...
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Will this Retrospec Siddhartha bike suit my needs? [closed]

This is my first question on here so please take it easy :) I will be relocating to Surrey (UK) in 2 weeks due to being offered a new job (as a software developer) and I am thinking of (finally) ...
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How do I buy a used bike? [closed]

Since we have a lot of questions asking about buying a used bike, I thought we could do a community wiki on how to buy used bikes as a be-all, end-all. There are a few main questions: 1) How do I ...
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