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What should I look for when buying chain lube / lubricant?

In the past, I personally have only used WD-40. However, I have occasionally had my bicycle looked over at the locally run, free service sessions and most of the mechanics there use a hand applied ...
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ParkTool CC-2 chain checker incorrect readings

My bike is equipped with Shimano Ultegra CN-HG701-11 chain. After only 600 km I measured it with ParkTool CC-2 and it gives 0.75% wear. ParkTool says For 11 and 12-speed chain, replace at or just ...
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How does paraffin chain wax perform in winter conditions (snow, road salt, -20° C)?

I’m interested I switching to paraffin chain wax or a wax product like Molten Speed Wax. But I’ve got concerns about how it might perform in winter where I live in Calgary, Alberta. It’s supposed to ...
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I went riding almost immediately after applying Squirt Lube (wax-based) on a brand new chain, should I degrease my chain and reapply?

I replaced my old chain with a new chain (factory lube removed) this morning. I applied Squirt lube, a wax-based The instructions for new chains read "wait until dry". I don't know how long that ...
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Ultrasonic cleaner power requirements, for cleaning chains before waxing

This question is a follow-up to Ultrasonic cleaner advice, for cleaning chains before waxing. I plan to lubricate my chains by immersion in molten paraffin wax. The advantages and disadvantages are ...
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Chain Wax Consistency

I'm looking for some help on what is the right consistency for a paraffin wax based chain lubricant? I followed ozcycle's guide as closely as I could. After ~200km of riding in the dry you could run ...
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Will putting an e-bike chain on a "traditional" road bike give more mileage?

I was browsing through a webshop for some replacement parts and in the "chains" section I came across "e-bike chains" - claimed to be stronger than traditional chains. Since 11-speed chains are ...
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Chain Waxing - Strainer / Colander / Other?

How do you keep your chain out of the muck when re-waxing it? I've been using this colander: There's an unperforated section around where it bends at the bottom. At first I had it in the bottom of ...
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White graphite (hBN) a worthwhile chain lube?

Hexagonal boron nitride, a.k.a. white graphite, is non-toxic, very very slippery, tends to stick to metal, tends to not have other substances stick to it, and seems to have worked very well in my ...
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If the original lube that comes on new chains is so good, why don't we all just have a unified perfect chain lube?

See the following link to read about peoples opinions about new chain wax/lube (and when to remove it): New chain is pre-lubricated, should I clean it before use? Can we buy this chain wax/lube that ...
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