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Do I really need to pamper myself with a stand?

I went through three phases. First I adjusted my child's (I was 9-13?) bike, always fantasizing about a hook-and-cable to the ceiling that I can attach to the metal loop behind the elongated (and ...
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What are the most important accessories for a new biker to get? [closed]

I am a new biker and am going to be commuting to work on a hybrid. There are many cool accessories that help you carry gear, bike at night, track your rides, make adjustments and quick repairs like ...
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Help a new biker with bad fitness to become a bike commuter

I am interested in biking [and always has been] and I want to start biking lot more for fun. It's been long time since I biked when I was in high school and I lost touch. At this point of time, my ...
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Kickstands and mountain bikes

Why is it that many people often recommend against using kickstands on mountain bikes? Does it have something to do with offroad riding (perhaps something could get caught there?), or are kickstands a ...
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What are the missing accessories for you cyclists? [closed]

I am a technology guy and I would like to ask you cyclists, what are the missing accessories with your bike that you want us to do for you? In a project at school, I am asked to use the following ...
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How to encourage people close to me to become cyclists?

Sometimes you try to help somebody get into cycling (buy girlfriend a bike, fix up a friend's bike, give a bike to family, help friend shop for bike) and they never really get into it and fall back ...
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What are the most important things to bring on a ride?

On one of my recent ride, my bike broke down. My rear derailleur got pushed into the rims and broke. Since I have never gotten stuck like that before, I've never bothered to take anything with me ...
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Is my pressure gauge broken?

I recently got an xtech pressure gauge that reads up to 160psi. My bike is a road bike that uses presta valves on the inner tubes. Here's the gauge (the one at the bottom): http://www.moruyabicycles....
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What kinds of kickstands are good for touring?

I am using a sturdy 2nd-hand-bought diamond-framed Crescent Sport bike which I like to use for random touring. I have seen a cyclocrosser using the kickstand to spin the pedals while cleaning and ...
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Kick-stand on a commuter bike?

If I get this commuter bike, should it have a kick-stand? One LBS said "no": they explained that stands are difficult to attach, weigh a bit, don't stay on well, and/or scratch the frame. I've never ...
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What bike+equipment for a long daily urban commute?

In the (distant) past I commuted 6 km (more than half an hour) each way, on a cheap bike with big knobbly tyres. Soon I'll have a new commute: 18 km each way, daily. That's much further than I've ...
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How to keep the pants from getting dirty

If it is wet, not necessarily pouring rain, it is easy to get the bottom of the pants and the shoes dirty. My tires have protective platesfenders, yet it is not enough. If there a way to avoid that?
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Urban Cycling Safety Innovations

Portland, Oregon is one of several U.S. cities with a progressive bicycling culture. A couple of innovations the city has implemented are "bike boxes" and "sharrows". Bike boxes are road markings ...
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Equipping a commuter bike for a 5 mile city commute

My commute is a bit over 5 miles each way through the city. It's not that long a commute; in traffic, it takes about 35 minutes door to door, and I'm never far from public transit that I could use in ...
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How do I gear up a bike for winter riding?

I live in NYC and would like to ride to work during the winter as well. What should one do to a mountain bike? a road bike? If you can also show products that you actually use that would be great.
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