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What's your most useful cycle accessory?

What is the most useful accessory you got for your bike? By useful, I mean something that improved the enjoyment or functionality of using your bike. Note - I know this is a subjective question, but ...
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Using a ski helmet for winter biking

I am curious if anyone uses a skiing helmet for winter biking? Would this be safe? Are skiing helmets designed to protect you from the same kind of accidents that you would have on a bike? My ...
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How to prepare oneself for riding in the snow?

I live in western Germany and have started to ride to work almost everyday. It is great at the moment as it is summer (not as dry as I hoped for, but that is another story). So the only thing I have ...
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How to make studded tires

Has anyone ever made a set of studded tires? What did you use? I read about a method somewhere but I cannot recall where. I heard that you can: Drill/make a small hole through the tire Screw a ...
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Is it safe to ride a dual suspension bike in sub freezing temps?

I have a Giant VT3 with dual suspension and I'm thinking of using it as a winter bike. Is there any special care I should take before heading out into the cold?
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What are the features that I should seek in cycling glasses?

I am seeking eye protection for cycling. I don't know if I should buy glasses or goggles.
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Help a new biker with bad fitness to become a bike commuter

I am interested in biking [and always has been] and I want to start biking lot more for fun. It's been long time since I biked when I was in high school and I lost touch. At this point of time, my ...
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Preventing frozen brake cables

This response to another question provides a wealth of info on winter riding preparation, but doesn't mention any techniques for preventing cables, especially brake cables, from freezing. Is there a ...
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Will my drivetrain freeze if left outside in the winter?

I have to leave my bike outside at work for 8-10 hours at a time. If it's -3°C or -6°C, is there anything special I need to do to ensure it will still ride when I'm ready to go home? i.e., ...
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At what temperature do you say its too cold to ride a bike? [closed]

It's been a great winter here in DC, its mostly high 30's but the last few days it's low 20's and in at night a little windy?
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Tips for winter maintenance?

A couple years ago I rode through the winter (took last winter off) and am looking to resume. My bike got hammered during the New England winter though, especially the hubs. Other than a regular ...
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