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How much hydration is enough hydration during long rides?

I have been doing some experiments to see if I'm hydrating enough during rides of moderate length and intensity. Basically, I weigh myself (naked) and my water bottles before and after a ride, to ...
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Training fasted: just about weight loss?

Preparing for a 100mile ride in August I was thinking of following a training plan which came in a "Sportive Guide" given away with Cycling Plus magazine this month. Some of the days on the plan ...
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Fasted training - is it worth it? Is it different when the focus is endurance?

One thing I notice riding with an endurance-focussed club is that I need more, and more frequent, feeding than many of the more experienced riders. As I start to think about longer days (e.g. 400km) ...
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How quickly can the body restore energy reserves mid-ride/post-bonk, and how do we optimise this?

I'm interested in how we can maximise restoring energy stores (mainly glycogen, but I'm deliberately being vague) either between closely spaced rides or on long rides. I ask in the context of a ...
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What is the science behind interval training?

How did coaches/scientists come up with specific interval training programs like X sets of Y intervals at Z heart rate/power, lasting T seconds? How are these numbers produced? Are these trial and ...
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Food during touring?

A problem with this kind of tasty food here is that you become depended on it, usually having no such luxuries so a more spartan question. I use a lot of vitamin supplements for B, C, D and Calcium. ...
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Daily commuting - are dietary supplements recommended?

I've been commuting daily (Apart from holidays, illness and some other exceptions) for the past year, riding 12 miles daily (6 miles with 500ft height gain coming in, 6 miles 232ft height gain riding ...
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Glycogen depletion, post-brief-ride recovery, and diet adjustment

On a mountain bike I had been working my way to minimize the time it takes me to do a 25-km round-trip. Then on a road bike I have been trying to do the same for a 40-km round-trip. My objective on ...
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Is high-carbs consumption during Z2 rides efficient for weight-loss?

I am bit overweight (BMI: 30+, 89kg/170cm), riding regularly 3 times a week, 2hrs/50+km/flat road each time. Rides are mostly in Z2, with occasional Z4 ride (once every 2-3 rides). I enjoy the rides, ...
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Fuelling multi-day riding (carb loading/replacement)

Carb loading (cycling weekly) is reckoned to be useful for exercise over about 90 minutes, so is probably a good idea for all-day riding. Done properly you're taking on extra carbs starting 36--48 ...
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