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How do I tell if a used bike (craigslist) is worth it? [duplicate]

So there are always a lot of sales going on on craigslist / ebay / etc. How do I tell if what they are selling is worth it? I don't really know the difference between a $500 bike and $1500 bike. I ...
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Is an old mtb with replaced gear safe to buy? [duplicate]

I believe this question to be on topic for this site, I want it to be more factual based than opinion, another similar question is this one. If its not feel free to close it. I am looking at buying ...
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What do I need to know before buying a bike off of Craigslist? [duplicate]

I know absolutely nothing about bicycles yet I need to buy one in the next 7-9 days. I really can't afford to buy one new and my price range is in the $100-$150 area. Craiglist is my best bet for ...
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What to look out for in a second hand bike buy [duplicate]

I am looking into buying a second hand bicycle. What should one look out for (frame and component wise) when buying second hand, both for hardtail and full suspension xc/all mountain type bicycles?
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What makes a good entry level road bike?

I've been riding a mountain bike for years, but I prefer to go longer distances on paved ground, so I think a road bike would be better. When I ask what is a good bike, I don't need brands or models - ...
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How can I get started riding without spending a fortune (too much)?

I've just recently moved to a city (Seattle) where owning a car seems less appropriate than it has to me in the past. Before, I lived in a far more suburban environment where biking was more-or-less ...
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How can you recognize a department store bike?

You can obviously avoid department store bikes by buying from reputable local bike shops, but how can you tell whether a used bike is a department store bike? Are there any telltale signs? I have a ...
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Is it possible to replace/regear the front cog? My easiest gear is too easy and I want to try for a higher resistance

I have a big-box-bicycle that I ride around the neighborhood regularly. After trying to master the highest gear setting I now find it easy on days where there isn't a breeze, and still manageable on ...
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Determine miles on a bike

I'm a beginner trying to get on a road bike. I've been shopping around for a new bike for the last week and am also toying with the idea of getting a gently used "pre-owned". One of the guys I've ...
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What should I do to get an older bike into good condition

I recently bought a hybrid human/electric bicycle at a garage sale, and I've been working on getting it into usable shape again. It is about 10 years old, and needs some work. The battery was quite ...
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What can I do to be sure I'm getting a fair deal when buying a used bike?

I've been looking at used bikes but I'm worried that I will get taken advantage of because I don't know a lot about bikes. Are there key questions or things I should look for when shopping for a used ...
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purchasing a bike

I live in Queens, NYC. I am thinking of buying a bike for casual ride probably during weekends and sometime for commuting to the city. Can anyone recommend which and what type of bike should I buy ...
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What are some red flags to look for when buying a used road bike?

I will be buying my first road bike (after 15 years with the same mountain bike) and I have found many for sale on Kijiji. When I go look at the bikes, what should be some red flags that turn me away ...
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What model of Cannondale road bike is this

I'm seeking a road bike in my size and this one is (47-49cm). Seller knows nothing about bikes and doesn't know the model, year, or materials. It's a Cannondale, all original except seat and pedals.
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Entry level bike for 140kg rider - what features to look for and what to avoid?

I am a fairly large person (140kg). 7 years ago I used to bike quite a lot (I would go everywhere every day on the bike). Back then I weighed much less (I also was much younger, now I am 20 years old)....
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