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Carbon fiber aesthetics vs. poor craftsmanship vs. possible repair? [duplicate]

Today a N.O.S. 2016 Stumpjumper FSR carbon frame set arrived, and I'm not impressed with some aspects of the way the carbon fiber front triangle appears. My CF experience is limited having only owned ...
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Carbon Bike Frame Chip At Rear Wheel [duplicate]

I was wondering if this is fixable?
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Carbon crack or cosmetic damage? [duplicate]

I have a new bike and after a bikefit (it was causing me kneepain) I had to raise the saddle and noticed a crack. I only use a torque wrench and tighten it to 4Nm usually so I can't overtighten (4.5 - ...
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Paint chip or carbon crack [duplicate]

Looking at this bike to buy but I’m 3 hours away from where it is. Not sure if it’s a paint chip or a carbon crack, I asked how it happened and he said he was carrying it upstairs with his bike pump ...
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Carbon frame damaged? [duplicate]

I had a crash a couple of weeks ago with my BH Quartz. The front wheel got caught in a crack in the road, I heard a crack and I fell on the side. I was worried that the frame cracked, but couldn't ...
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Are these scratches at carbon fiber something to worry? [duplicate]

the seller showed me all the scratches at the bike and told that they happened when he was carrying bike and & changing rear wheel all the time. I did not notice any other scratches at the frame. ...
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Damaged carbon fibre [duplicate]

My chain dropped and got stuck in my bottom bracket while I was going uphill. I think the force from the pedal stroke damaged the carbon fibre. Wondering what is recommended when something like this ...
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Can I trust my bike’s frame after I was hit by a car if there's no visible cracking?

I was waiting at a red light and the person behind me hit me. Her car ran over my rear wheel crushing it and over my frame. I have checked the frame were there are indications of her car but do not ...
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Does carbon fiber not have a fatigue life?

I’ve heard carbon fiber “has no fatigue life”, meaning it doesn’t weaken from (intended) use, as long as it is free of defects and damage. But there are a lot of different types of carbon fiber… I was ...
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Is it safe to ride the carbon bike with a small crack on the bottom of the chain stay? Looks cosmetic but fails the tap test

The chainstay cracked after air travel. Update: I have brought the frame to a carbon repair shop for repair. The cost would be 500ish, including the touch-up paint. Tips for future flight travelers: ...
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Is my carbon frame done?

I have a carbon trek Emonda bicycle. Today, my rear derailleur got caught in my wheel. As a result, the rear derailleur is bent, the rear derailleur hanger snapped off, the chain got twisted and the ...
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Post crash damage assessment: can I keep this carbon fork and this front wheel?

Today I crashed. I had to slam the brakes hard downhill as to avoid a worse crash. Split second decision, it's the way I explain it. As a consequence I went over the handlebars. Landed not too poorly, ...
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Chain damaged carbon frame. How to remedy?

During a recent fall, my chain came off my front chainring, and scratched up my frame. It looks to me like it's just the paint that's damaged but would appreciate a second opinion. The bike is a Trek ...
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How can I repair carbon damage near my bottom bracket?

I have had a few gnarly chain-drops that ate at my Open U.P. carbon frame. I thought I just had some chips in the carbon, but today I removed my crank for a full bike clean and realized that the ...
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Carbon chainstay damage assessment

Is it likely that the carbon is fractured based on my pictures, making it unsafe to ride? I discovered an odd, oval-shaped scratch on my chainstay. I remember my bike being knocked over on the asphalt ...
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