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i am 130kg(286lbs) is mtb okay for me? [duplicate]

I have Hero howler single speed 27.5T cycle I am 130kg now. Can I ride this MTB cycle and I won't face any issues? I am thrilled as the cycle will able to take my weight or not as I am obese so ...
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How to choose a bike for a very tall and heavy person?

So I have wanted to ride a bike for a long time, I do strongman training, I am 6'6 (200cm) tall and kinda fluctuate between 440 - 480 pounds (200-220 kg) depending on what training I am on. We are ...
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Are deep rims more durable for a heavy rider?

Since I weigh quite a lot (~115kg), and ride on bad roads with many holes and cracks, I am looking for rims that would be able to cope with bad conditions without getting out of true or breaking. My ...
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Will my bike hold my weight?

I'm pretty heavy (~150kg/330lbs) but being fond of cycling in the past, I decided to buy a bike, and maybe try to lose a few kilos with it. I didn't have too much time for looking around, so I bought ...
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How to select an inexpensive road bike for a heavier rider?

I want to start riding a bike from home to work so I need to buy a bike. I don't want to spend a lot on the bike and also I'm not interested in bikes that Target and Walmart sells. I want something ...
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Wheel size for heavier rider, larger vs smaller

I am a heavier rider, whilst still reducing, I am over 120kg or 260lb. I have broken many spokes on the rear of my 26er sub-$500 mountain bike. Broken at the elbow. There could be many factors for ...
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Bike suggestions for a heavy rider [closed]

I'm a 5'10, 300lbs rider looking to get back on a bike after many years and many pounds. I owned a 1999 Trek 7700 Multitrack and road about 20 miles a day for many years before injuries, age and time ...
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What is the max weight a standard bycycle would take? [duplicate]

I would like to get back into cycling again, however over the last couple of years I have piled a few needless pounds on. I currently weight 178kg (392 lbs), would a standard bike frame withstand my ...
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What kind of bike should I get to accomodate me?

I’m a plus sized female (about 135 kg, 295lb, 5'7") from NYC and I’m looking to get into bike riding again. I haven’t ridden a bike since I was about 12 years old and I loved it. I’m looking to ...
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Am I too heavy for my Trek 7200 multitrack?

I was wondering if I'm too heavy for my bike. I'm about 260lbs (118kg). I keep getting flats.
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