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Where does the energy loss in cycling go proportionally? [duplicate]

If you are biking on level ground with no wind, I understand that there are losses inherent in your activity which you provide effort to overcome (if you want to maintain a steady speed): Air/wind ...
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Why is a road bike faster than a city bike with the same effort? How much faster it can be?

Why is a road bike faster than a city bike with the same effort? And how much faster it is? (if someone have measured it) Motive of the question: My current bike is a city bike with front fork shock ...
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Are there devices to moderate speed on mountain descents without braking?

In my neck of the woods there are some mountain descents that are pretty substantial: say 600 meters vertically averaging 7% grade, with lots of curves and other obstacles like potholes. Typically the ...
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How difficult would it be to maintain 17.5 Mph for an hour?

Whats a good target speed to maintain inside a velodrome for an hour? I believe Bradley Wiggins maintained an average speed of around 35 Mph for an hour, how difficult would it be to maintain half ...
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Will increased weight make me go downhill faster?

I have had this question for a while. I want to know how I can get down a hill as fast as I can. So, I was wondering if increasing the weight of a bike increases the speed on downhill stretches, or ...
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Are aerodynamic rims worth additional weight?

I was under the impression that reducing the weight of your wheels is important. However, I'm noticing that many of the extremely high-end aerodynamic rims are actually heavier than cheaper rims by ...
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How hard is a category 2 climb?

I am moving to Ojen Spain for work for 3 months and will be biking to marbella and back. I have put the ride into and it says that the ride is a cat 2. Climb Start End Length ...
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Is there a standard equivalent for effort between distance and elevation?

I'm starting to keep track of how far I ride on paper and while it's nice to have the data, I'd like to know how different rides stack up. I have one path I like to take which is really flat and goes ...
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Is it possible to accurately measure airspeed on a bike, and is it useful?

So riding into a 15mph headwind at 15mph, your airspeed would presumably show as 30mph. In no wind, airspeed of 15mph. What would the airspeed be if cycling at 15mph with a 15mph crosswind? And ...
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How does weight influence your speed when descending?

I have recently bought a road bike and went on a little trip with a friend who is also a novice. We have approximately the same height but he weighs a lot more (I weigh 67-68kg for 1m81 and he weighs ...
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Unable to get into a 'TT' position, is my bike fit wrong, or am I just fat?

I've been road cycling since July 2017. I am an overweight guy, the cycling has helped shed some kilos but I'm not at my ideal weight yet, and most of my weight is stored in my belly. A month after ...
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What is the drag / power lost to a safety flag?

I have a recumbent bike that has a safety flag on the top of a thin pole, so it flutters around higher than and after my head. How much power am I losing to this flag that could be used to power my ...
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At what slope will the best bikes keep a constant speed?

At what slope will the best bikers (in terms of aerodynamics) on the best bikes roll at a constant speed at 80 km/h on an asphalt surface on a dry day? The reason for this question is because it gives ...
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Does Bike or Rider Weight / Groupset affect cruising speed on the flat

I posted this video on Facebook: and someone commented that my power readings were a bit "optimistic" I asked why and he basically thought that if I'm getting 600W I ...
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Faster with lower center of gravity?

If I bend my torso toward the top bar, lowering my center of gravity, will that alone help my bike go faster?
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