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Questions tagged [1-by-x]

1-by-x is the tag for discussions of a transmission with a single-front chainring, from 1-by-5 or lower, up through 1-by-10, 1-by-11, and 1-by-12 and beyond. 1-by-1 is a special case, see [tag:singlespeed] instead.

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4 votes
1 answer

Will a 10 speed chain perform adequately on a Shimano CUES 1x chairing?

Situation: 10 speed Shimano hybrid/mountain straight bar shifter, 10 speed Shimano mountain/hybrid derailleur and 10 speed Shimano chain. The person is looking for a 1x crank. Shimano CUES crank seem ...
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7 answers

Does a bike-stalling speed exist? [closed]

Planes can stall. A plane maintains lift through speed. If the speed drops below a threshold, the plane stalls and begins a downspiral. Now that many 1x modern bikes are discarding front derailleurs, ...
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2 answers

Do pros ride with 1X configuration on some courses?

I'm looking at the first stage of the Tour of California, which is on a flat course (around Long Beach, USA). Since there's no real dénivelé (french, "difference in height"), there is no need for a ...
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