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Can I use a shimano 105 11spd derailleur and r7020 shifters with a 9 spd cassette?

Trying to upgrade a 2021 giant ascend at to Shimano 105 without changing the wheels. The rear wheel only has a 9spd cassette, as I’m upgrading from 9spd Sora group. I’ve found Shimano 105 R7020 ...
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105 R7000 chain rubbing bigger sprocket when pedaling backwards

I am new to this so I wanted to know if this behavior is normal. When I pedal backwards and the chain is on the smallest sprocket I can see that the chain rubs for a second and then does a little jump....
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Shimano components upgrade - Claris/Tiagra to 105 R-7000

I posted the other day about giving my 20-year-old Specialized Sequoia a bit of a drivetrain upgrade. Currently, my set-up is a Shimano Claris triple crankset (50/39/30) with a Sora FD 3503 front ...
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What can I use as replacement for old Shimano L03A brake pads?

I have Trek Emonda SL5 Disk 2022 which comes with Shimano 105 groupset and Shimano RT70 centerlock 160mm brake rotors. It uses Shimano 105 R7020, 11 speed shifters. I need to change the rear brake ...
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Shimano 105 R7000 Front Derailleur Setup - New Bike

Just got a new bike with Shimano 105-7000 series, previously rode a bike with older style Shimano 105-5700. So the overall adjustment is different. So on the new bike i'm finding that the setup doesn'...
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Shimano R8000 right crankset compatibility with 105-5800

I have a full 105 5800 group for my current drivetrain on my bike. I would like to replace the right crankset (chainring + crankarm) with an Ultegra R8000 right chainring/crankarm. Is there full ...
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Claris crankset compatibility with 105 components

I have a 2016 Synapse with a Claris groupset which now I am upgrading to 105. I have been able to find most components except crankset and FD. I might be able to survive without replacing the FD for ...
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What components of the drive train are cross compatible between casette number of rings(10 / 11 speed)?

I have an old 10 speed road bike fitted with (Mostly) Shimano 105 groupset drivetrain. I'm looking to replace a few parts and I noticed that 10 speed 105 and Ultegra parts are not so easy to find, ...
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Shimano 105 ST R7000 Shifter Not Engaging Problem

I have a 2 years old Shimano 105 ST R7000 shiter . The left one( front derailleur) started skipping pawl. At first it was 1 out of 10 shifts but then it got worse to a degree to unusable. I ...
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Brake cable reach

On my 2016 Giant Defy with Shimano 105 shifters I am finding it very difficult to reduce the reach on my brake levers and they need pulling almost to the handlebar to brake. Is it possible to reduce ...
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Shimano rapid shifter R440 gear display

I have a Masi flat-bar road bike with Shimano 105 groupset (been in storage for years). I've disassembled the R440 rapid shifters and lubed them so that they rachet properly. However, the 9 speed ...
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Can you use two different shifters (eg. Left-Tiagra,Right-105) on the same cockpit/handlebar?

I couldnt find the correct crankset... so i was wondering if you could use a crankset (Tiagra) with a (105) front derailleur? If not can you use two differnt shifters on one cockpit/handlebar and if ...
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Can you pair a 105 10 Speed Cassette with a 10 Speed Tiagra Derailleur?

I was looking for a 10 Speed Tiagra Casette but was not able to find one. A good deal for a 105 10-Speed Casette caught my eye, so I wanted to ask if it would be possible to pair a 10-Speed Derailleur ...
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Use Shimano 105 R7000 shifters for Disc brakes

I have 2 spare R7000 shifters which I used on my rim brake equipped road bike. I've upgraded to Ultegra some time ago. I also have a Tiagra gravel bike with mechanical disc brakes that uses Tiagra ...
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