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1 answer

Can I change a 12 speed eagle cassete to a 9 speed CUES cassete?

I am looking for a bike to replace my current one, and I found one with a SRAM 12 speed eagle ttansmission. The thing is that I just changee the transmission on my current bike (9 speed Shimano CUES ...
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1 answer

Road AXS front and rear derailleur with Shimano cassette, chain and cranket

I have a rear wheel with a 142x12 Shimano road 11 freehub body. That body can take 11-xx Shimano 12 speeds cassette. I have the opportunity to get a SRAM Force eTap AXS kit with front and rear ...
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4 votes
2 answers

What kinds of rear wheel hubs are compatible with my MTB?

I am looking at a rear wheel replacement. I have a Scott Scale 980 with a standard wheel on the rear. Will I need a longer freehub to interface with the wide 12 speed cassette? Or are there general ...
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I understand flat-top chain connectors; what's the story of this convex-top style?

I am familiar (we are all familiar) with the standard figure-8 shape of a chain link. I also somewhat understand the justification for the "flat-top" chain link. This style is used when ...
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The bicycle has Shimano M7100 chain and Shimano M6100 cassette. Should I buy M7100 cassette instead for replacement?

As per shop specs, this bicycle has Shimano XT M7100 chain (and this is printed on the chain so is true) and Shimano M6100 cassette. But there is M7100 cassette available on the market that even does ...
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Campagnolo 12s with Shimano Cassette

I'm considering building up a bike with a Campagnolo 12 speed mechanical groupset with a Shimano cassette. I've been using Campagnolo 11 speed with a KMC chain and non-campy cassettes without any ...
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