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Questions tagged [26-inch]

Refers to ISO 559mm bead seat diameter rims and tires, the modern standard for mountain bikes, many hybrids, and small touring bikes. Tire sizes range from 26 x 1.0 to 26 x 3.6 and are printed in decimal format. A number of older American, British, and French tires are also listed as 26 x 1 1/4 to 26 x 1 3/4 in fractional notation; these refer to tires and rims of different ISO sizes.

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11 votes
5 answers

Slow leak on front cruiser tire

I ride my cruiser to the supermarket and back, using either a trailer or a basket over the front wheel for carrying groceries. The bike has developed a persistent slow leak on the front wheel, and I'...
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Changing wheel size on Jamis Aurora Elite to 26"?

Jamis Aurora Elite comes with disk brakes on 700c wheels. I am wondering is it possible to put 26 inch wheels on? Since it has disk brakes, I can't see any issues with fitting the brakes. Only ...
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Skinny 26" tires? Giveing a small fixie a “faster” look

I'm a very short woman and, since I wanted a triangle-frame fixie, I used 26" tires and a 49cm frame so it would fit me perfectly. The trouble is my tires are the wider variety. I want to have the ...
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What are, if any, the signature postural differences between riding a 26″ bike and a 29″ bike?

Briefly One way of asking In the video accompanying Michael Jackson's "Black or White", people of various ethnicities are morphed to one another. Suppose you are looking at someone riding a ...
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