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Wear-based maintenance/overhaul of air spring suspension fork

Assuming usage as a mountain bike, an air spring suspension fork on a hardtail is to be maintained every 50 hours of riding. By comparison it's sufficient, and plenty reasonable, to replace a chain ...
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Where is the Air Valve on a swiss made ark hollow reverse fork?

My fork is swiss made ark hollow reverse type, air type. One problem it does not have an air valve for the air. Where is the valve ?
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Why do we need air-filled tires?

Why do we need air in bike tires? Having changed hundreds of annoying flats, carried a change kit for thousands of miles, and pumped up tires before pretty much every ride, I got to wondering: why do ...
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How often should air spring forks be reinflated (topped up)?

Forks that use an air spring, as opposed to a coil spring, have to be pumped up to the desired pressure to work as intended (using a shock pump). From experience, I know that they lose pressure over ...
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