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Possible Maximum Gear Ranges of Each (3?) Possible Triple-Geared Drivetrain

I'm looking for the absolute maximum possible gear ranges from the known/possible triple-geared drivetrains, such as the strategy noted on This involves pairing each of the three known ...
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Other Dual Drive hubs than Sturmey Archer or SRAM?

I'm looking for a dual drive type hub. At least that's what SRAM calls them. Hubs that are both internally and externally geared. SRAM and Sturmey Archer are the only manufactures of this class of ...
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Replace jockey on old XT RD-M750 or change out to RD-572?

I picked up a 2006 3x9 dual suspension MTB with XT RD-M750 rear derailleur and SLX Mega 9 shifters. The RD has a cracked ceramic jockey wheel. I'm converting to a 1x9 with 28T chainring (for smaller ...
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Will microSHIFT ADVENT 9 speed handle 46t, 50t large sprockets?

Title says it all. As we have 11-50t 9 speed cassetes available now, I was curious if anyone tried to use them with microSHIFT advent? or I have to be the first one to try it out? That would be ...
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Can regular bike forks be modified to allow front drivetrain setup?

Can regular bike forks be modified to allow front drivetrain setup? Some bikes have front drivetrains instead rear drivetrains. The problem is that bike stores don't seem to carry forks that have a ...
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ISO narrow-wide steel chainrings in higher tooth counts >30T

I know Surly, Sram, RaceFace and Wolf Tooth have offerings in small BCD and proprietary fixing systems (cinch & X-sync), but generally only come in one, MTB-range size. Anyone know of a ...
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How efficient is string bike? Is this really a revolutionary bike?

Bicycles are getting evolved with good technologies or methodologies as the period changes. Now, this one bike, so called string bike has been introduced, which doesn't have chain, derailleur but ...
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