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Questions tagged [aluminum]

Questions related to bicycle frames made from aluminum alloy.

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Mavic Cosmic SLS - carbon separation

Some aero’ wheels are an aluminium rim with a carbon fibre shroud. On a Mavic Cosmic SLS rear wheel, I’ve found that the carbon fibre shroud is separating from the aluminium rim. Just visible in the ...
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Just hoping someone out there recognizes this bike and can help identify it

Assuming this is a 90s era aluminum frame with only a head badge sticker to identify it, no name or model printed anywhere. RX100 RD, DeoreXT FD, Sugino triple crank and Exage500EX brakes. the fork is ...
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Carbon fork crack?

I have aluminum bike with carbon fork, this is in the front of the carbon fork, it is in both sides of it? It's a carbon crack or paint crack?
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