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Questions related to bicycle frames made from aluminum alloy.

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Is this aluminium rim saveable?

I have an 8 inch rear wheel off an adult scooter. It appears to have suffered crush damage - at a guess someone's driven a car over the wheel while on its side. The bend is smooth and covers perhaps ...
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Can and should one install rivnuts into an aluminium frame?

I have an aluminium frame, and would like to add another bottle cage. But there are no mounts below the downtube. I've installed rivnuts into a steel frame before, which worked well. Can I install ...
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Aluminum seatpost stuck to a steel frame

I'm trying to free my aluminum seatpost corroded to a CrMo frame. One of the methods is to heat the aluminum seatpost and then to let it cool. In theory, the aluminum will expand twice as fast as ...
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How long will this alum frame last?

I picked up this very cool 96-97 GT rage from Craigslist with the intention of restoration- a few rusty pinch bolts, spider eggs in the brake hoods, grinding bearings and pitted races, and all the ...
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Maintenance on an Aluminium frame

I have an aluminium frame. The top tube has become slightly scratched or pitted (by something hard, presumably, I don't know what; maybe while it was parked). Does it need maintenance (e.g. does the ...
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Why would a bike feature a "carbon wrapped aluminum frame"?

I saw a link to what appeared to be a Carbon bike on amazon. The price was extremely lower than any carbon bike I had ever seen. After reading a bit, it seems that the bike frame is really made of "...
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What are the most basic parts of a bicycle which cannot be upgraded over a period of time?

After reading this question: Cheap MTB with future upgrades v/s costly fully ready MTB, I myself had a question. What are the most fundamental parts of a bicycle? What are the things which we have to ...
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non-steel frames and longevity

Until recently, I had a late 80's Schwinn aluminum frame bike (now a thief has a 80's Schwinn aluminum frame bike, but that's another story). I had heard a number of horror stories about early ...
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Aluminum frame quality - how much variation can there be and how to tell?

Take a look at these two aluminum frames. The first one is a $1k bike, and the second one is a $200 bike. Is there a significant quality difference between these frames? And if so, how can I appraise ...
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Knowing what bicycle frame material I have

I have a bicycle frame that's really heavy. It's a mountain bike frame with shocks, so I decided to replace the entire frame with a city bike aluminum frame(I only use the bike if I have to pick up/...
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Slipping aluminium seatpost in aluminium frame

I've already seen this question: Problems with a slipping seatpost The main difference is that I have an aluminium frameset and a forged alloy seatpost - lightweight clamp. After every couple ...
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Reconciling the two aspects: carbon is stiffer for power, but offers a softer ride

At times composite (carbon) is touted as being stiffer than (aluminum) alloys as well as stiffer than steel (leaving Titanium to a different discussion). This means that the frame will not yield (much)...
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Drilling hole in aluminium frame

I want to attach a pump holder to my aluminium frame. Can I drill holes in it ? I would then use blind rivets with some glue for waterproofing to attach the holder. Is there a place on the frame where ...
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Deformed Headtube Around Bottom Cup

Crashed into a fallen tree at speed on my bike. I disassembled the front end to inspect for damage and noticed I could wiggle the bottom headset cup back and forth slightly. On further inspection, the ...
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Can I cut the steerer tube with a pipe cutter?

I found out that Hozan lists a pipe cutter among its tools, and as far as I know all Hozan tools are made for bike mechanics. From one of the pictures it looks like this could be used to cut an ...
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Aluminum forks vs. carbon forks (with aluminum frames) what are the trade offs? [duplicate]

The all-aluminum frame bike will be cheaper. The aluminum fork should be more robust and less prone to breakage. The carbon fork will be more shock absorbing and comfortable. That's kind of how I ...
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Should I force an 130 mm hub into my old vintage alu frame

I have a classic vitus 979 aluminium road frame where the rear dropout width is 126 mm. Most of the things I hear is that you should not use force on an alu frame and try to fit in an 130 mm hub in ...
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bike-frame-jig: customizations of a standard model - interesting features added [duplicate]

good day i am in the mid of creating a bike-frame-jig. the model is oriented at tanner w s jig: see some the parts (here as Acronyms ) he ...
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Carbon Fiber vs. Aluminum [duplicate]

I am a new cyclist who is on my 2nd year of biking. I bought a cheapo Schwinn MTB at Walmart to start with but now I want a real road bike. I currently have $2k saved up and am looking into a ...
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