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Questions related to bicycle frames made from aluminum alloy.

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Does "Carbon & Aluminium" really mean cheap plastic coated aluminium?

I'm looking to replace the suspension fork on my MTB (which has blown a seal) with a rigid fork now that I'm exclusively commuting in the city. During my research I came across the MOSSO 26" MTB ...
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Correct inflation pressure for old road bike

I have an old Fuji road bike that I got a garage sale a while back. It's probably from the 70s or 80s. This summer, I've been trying to fix it up into good condition for some longer-than-usual rides (...
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Where can I get a new steer tube or 1 1/8" 6061 Aluminum Rod Stock?

I have an Anti-Gravity fork that features a removable steer tube, but it is a threaded fork. Where can I buy a threadless steer tube to clamp into it to convert it? All I can find are threaded steer ...
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Tight Seatpost Installation

I'm having a bit of a problem installing my seatpost. I have a 31.6mm carbon-wrapped aluminum seatpost which fit perfectly fine in my previous aluminum frame. Unfortunately, that frame cracked, ...
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Why would a bike feature a "carbon wrapped aluminum frame"?

I saw a link to what appeared to be a Carbon bike on amazon. The price was extremely lower than any carbon bike I had ever seen. After reading a bit, it seems that the bike frame is really made of "...
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Is there anything special to pay attention to when preparing a bicycle for powdercoating?

I am thinking of having an old bike powdercoated to spruce it up a bit. What do I need to do to prepare the frame? Remove all components? What about stickers and decals? Some kind of chemical etching ...
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Is this aluminum "rust" in my frame?

I found an aluminum bike in the trash and it seems like it has been exposed to the rain, especially because some of the metal is slightly rusty. The frame is a different thing, because altough it is ...
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Maintenance on an Aluminium frame

I have an aluminium frame. The top tube has become slightly scratched or pitted (by something hard, presumably, I don't know what; maybe while it was parked). Does it need maintenance (e.g. does the ...
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Steel vs. Aluminum Wheels

I was at my local bike dump looking for a spare set of wheels for an older bike I have. He said that they have lots of steel wheels but very few aluminum. Whats the deal on this? What are the ...
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non-steel frames and longevity

Until recently, I had a late 80's Schwinn aluminum frame bike (now a thief has a 80's Schwinn aluminum frame bike, but that's another story). I had heard a number of horror stories about early ...
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Stress on front fork from car transport

It's often easier to transport a bike in the back seat of a car with the front wheel off, rather than setting up the bike rack. I've noticed that, due to the way the car seats are built, there's often ...
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