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Is it possible to upload ZWO file on Android?

Zwift Workout file (*.zwo) can be manually added to custom workouts on PC, Mac and iOS. It is as simple as copying file to a specific folder (e.g. /Documents/Zwift/Workouts). But where is the location ...
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1 answer

Android tracking app that only periodically uses GPS [closed]

I'm of course fully aware that there are tons of tracking apps for Android. But I want to track where I rode without draining my phone's battery. I want to know roughly how far I want, roughly where I ...
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2 answers

What waterproofing rating is sufficient for a navigation device for touring?

I am exploring the possibility of using my phone as the main navigation device for touring. The phone (Pixel 2) is IP67-rated and I was planning to use it without any additional waterproofing, just ...
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4 answers

Handlebar-mounted "turn indicator" that can pair with a smartphone for turn-by-turn GPS navigation [closed]

So far I've been using my Android smartphone and a combination of Strava and Google Maps for navigating/recording my routes. This works reasonably well, but as I've been going on longer and longer ...
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Out front attatchment for mobile phones/GPS

I'm looking for a case to mount my android as a GPS device. I find that a lot of cases require attaching off centre (thus taking unecessary handlebar space), or have very bulky clips that don't fit ...
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15 answers

Are there advantages of dedicated bike computer instead of smartphone apps?

I do a lot of road biking. I have a basic Catseye onboard computer for my speed and odometer. But I also use my iPhone to track and record my biking. I've tried a variety of iPhone apps, the best ones ...
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3 answers

Is it possible to pair wheel sensors with an Android phone GPS?

This is a 2 part question: I have concerns over the general accuracy of a GPS device to calculate speed. Mainly because I will be using the device in Eastern Europe, and not sure on the accuracy of ...
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14 answers

Bicycling apps for Android [closed]

I have an Android smartphone, with GPS, accelerometer, 3G internet connection, and other features that seem useful for bicycling. Are there any good bicycling apps on Android? One app per answer ...