Questions tagged [april-fools]

Refers to questions posted on the first of April which are primarily intended to be humorous. All questions with this tag will be closed a few days after april-1 because timezones.

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18 votes
5 answers

Best E-reader for a touring bike? [closed]

OK, folks, since today is April 1st and April 1st is pretty much the start of the cycling season here in Tropical Southern Minnesota, I figure it's the ideal day to ask this question: What is the ...
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2 answers

Gears rattling in the back [closed]

My MTB is making weird rattling noises in the rear. What could be wrong? I'm in Australia and my bike has sram components. Picture:
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6 votes
1 answer

Neighm my bicycle [closed]

I recently saw a very interesting motorized bicycle on the internet and was hoping someone could help me identify it. If it helps, here's the serial number: Thanks!
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5 votes
3 answers

What is the ideal physique for a hand-cyclist? [closed]

A handcycle is a tricycle that is powered by the rider's arms, not by their legs. an upright style. Note lap-belt and foot straps, and an extremely laid-back head tube angle. An aggressively aero ...
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Periscope style mirrors for road bike [closed]

I just got this bike, and put it in the classic "aggressive position". I also ran out and bought spandex. I was just wondering if there are periscope style mirrors I can fasten to the down tube so ...
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Which parts should I pick for the ideal reasonable road bike? [closed]

I am shopping for a new [hypothetical] bicycle and want to pick the absolute best parts I can. I read a lot of internet advice, most of it from, which taught me a lot. How ...
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