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For questions about head tube badges and identification

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Help identify bmx bike by logo stamp

Stamps is like a shield with two bones crossing making a x
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Need help identifying this logo on 2016 bmx

I was looking for a bit of help identifying this insignia on this 2016 bmx I'm restoring. Any help would be fantastic
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Does anyone know this logo?

This is a old school BMX, I think, but can't figure what brand this logo is?
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2 answers

I can't figure out the brand of this fork

I recently bought this used fork for a project and I can't figure out what brand it is, I looked for and compared every brand that starts with the letter 'C' but I couldn't find anything with this ...
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What brand is it?

I have picked up this old bmx it has a we the people seat, mongoose peddles, kink head, now i just need to know what the frame is please.
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2 votes
1 answer

BMX head tube logo identify?

Please help me figure out what brand of BMX bike this is? It looks like the A Logo for the airwalks shoe brand.
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Help needed in identifying make of BMX

We are trying to find out the brand of this BMX bike in order to sell it on. There is a skull logo on the frame but it doesn't match anything we've found online. Any help is much appreciated. We are ...
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2 answers

NL or HL logo - what brand?

Does anyone know what brand this logo is? It is embossed upon a handlebar post (stem), with a set of racing handlebars attached.
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4 answers

Could you please help me identify my father's bike?

My father left me his old bicycle and I would like to restore it. The unique thing I know is that it comes from Switzerland and that maybe it should include a license plate. Unfortunately I haven't ...
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Does anyone know what brand of Bicycle this is?

I’ve been doing some research but can’t seem to find this logo anywhere.
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1 answer

Does anybody know what brand this is?

Does anybody know what brand this logo is for bikes?
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