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what is the name of the plastic piece where handlebar/fork would attach to the main bike frame?

i bought a balance bike for the kid and it arrived with a piece missing, they sent a replacement bike but i figured i’d try looking for the piece, i’ve circled it in this picture but it’s basically ...
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Should every cyclist feel a resonance frequency at a given speed?

On a stand When I hoist the bike on a stand and spin the rear wheel with all I've got on the highest gear, then sit back and watch it slow down gradually, there is a point where the bike + stand start ...
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Is there a difference between truing a bike wheel and balancing it?

When pro cyclists were riding at 70-80 kph at past TdFs, I didn't wonder. Now that they are hitting 100-110 kph, I am getting curious (and also praying for them, but that's a separate issue). Car ...
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How does bike stay balanced when the gear is on the side not in the middle

I wonder why because my road bike has crank and rear gear on right side so I thought they might lean on right side?
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What parameters affect how easy it is to ride no hands?

I've been practicing riding hands free (when I've got a safe traffic-free opportunity of course). This is partly because I'm trying to learn to ride a unicycle and hands free balance is a skill I can ...
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Pet Safety and Adult Tricycle

Am interested in an adult tricycle and would like to add carry-on feature for my dog(slightly overweight-12lb pug mix)that can accommodate safely on either front or back. My question is about the ...
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I have trouble lifting my right arm to indicate whilst cycling. Any tips to improve my balance so I don’t feel super wobbly?

I use my bike mainly for my commute to the station, but there are quite a few roundabout with sharp right turns and I find it almost impossible to lift my right arm to indicate my direction, whenever ...
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Does a bike-stalling speed exist? [closed]

Planes can stall. A plane maintains lift through speed. If the speed drops below a threshold, the plane stalls and begins a downspiral. Now that many 1x modern bikes are discarding front derailleurs, ...
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What's the ideal balance (forward/backward) in the saddle on an endurance road bike?

I got my first road bike (and found I favor endurance riding position), and I can't figure out if I'm positioned well in the saddle. It's as far aft as it goes, but I still feel like I'm falling ...
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Can the tire type and profile significantly affect balance?

I have been riding the same road bike, a Fuji Espree, for a few years and am very used to it: I used to be able to ride it without hands on the handle bar very easily, take 90º turns in city streets ...
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Why is it easier to balance a non-moving bike standing up than sitting down?

When I arrive at a traffic light that is red I usually just stop the bike, stand up and balance it for a minute or two before going on, without ever putting a foot on the ground. Learning to balance a ...
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How to start riding a recumbent bike?

I want to try riding a recumbent two-wheel bike to see if its easier. So I borrowed one and I just cannot get it to work right. When the owner demonstrates it looks so easy and really fast. We are ...
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What happened to riding with no hands?

I remember, as a kid in the seventies we were able to ride blocks without ever touching the handlebars. Today, I only see road-bikers riding without hands - and this is rarely. I almost never see ...
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Adding pedals & training wheels to this balance bike?

Is there any way to add pedals & training wheels to this balance bike?
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75-year old new rider needs advice

I'm just relearning to ride after a 30 year hiatus. I am physically in very good shape so I have good muscle tone but my balance is sketchy. Am okay on the straightaway but when I slow down I get very ...
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Why does my bike feel slow, hard to ride and wobblier now?

I have a mountain bike with road tires, which I've use for commuting almost every day for over a year now but had barely used for the many years before. It has recently (~1.5 months ago) been serviced,...
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Trouble balancing when starting

I recently starting riding again (stopped for 10 years) and am having balance problems when starting. Using the proper starting technique causes me to wobble and lose my balance, tho' I haven't ...
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